Top Best Indian Halal Restaurants!

Halal Indian food

Exploring a new country is always compelling. You bring to find out new things and know about the culture, people, and daily routines. However, the one stuff that will always attract people when they’re visiting abroad is the FOOD! If you’re in India at this very moment or you intend to go on a trip to this fantastic destination soon, you should be sure to stop by these 10 must-visit Indian Halal Restaurants!

Check out our guide to visiting 10 Indian Halal Restaurants!

Indian Gandhi Restaurant:

One of the best restaurants is Indian Gandhi Restaurant where you would be able to get Halal Indian food items and that too all getting prepared using traditional methods.

When you are moving forward with the choice of halal food at that time you need to find places in which you can believe that they are offering the right quality food. And you can believe it at Indian Gandhi Restaurant for sure.

This was all about the best restaurant where you can get halal Indian food. In the coming section we are going to have a look at some of the most interesting facts about Halal food items.

Al-Nawaz Restaurant

Working in Mughal and Indian cuisines, the Al-Nawaz Indian halal restaurant proposes an abundance of flavors equipped and grilled minutely by its incredible chef, who possesses more than 5 years of experience in 5-star hotels.

The Al-Nawaz restaurant possesses a very diversified menu with delicious spicy meals that will surely attract you. It would be best to try their proposed dishes and like the goodness of Indian seasonings and the intricacy of Mughal cuisines all in one plate.

Among many others, you can select between Chicken Tikka Masala, Dum Pukht Biryani, Karmi Kabab, and Mutton Barra.

There are no better means to finish off a Delhi dinner than with a sweet and savory dish. Al-Nawaz suggests the delectable Kheer, an Indian delicacy made of rice, condensed milk, almonds, and sweetly-flavored with cinnamon.

Rule The Rolls

Thisrestaurant was started back in 1972 by Haji Banda Hasan, is more than just a standard food place.

It offers a wide selection of mouth-watering kebabs, varying from Paneer Tikka Rolls, Chicken Tikka Rumali Rolls, and Mutton Rolls. The restaurant also gives lots of veggie options for those who like to have a healthier meal.

For as little as $4, you’ll get to select from its unique dishes menu, which comprises Mutton Haleem, Chicken Stew, Chicken & Mutton Kofta.

Nizam’s Kathi Kabab

If you listen to people dealing at a Kathi Kabab place, then it’s Nizams! Popular all over India, Nizam’s Kathi Kabab. It consists of multiple outlets that give a combination of tasty rolls, which are packed with mutton, chicken, or even paneer.

You can grab a threefold combo Kathi Kabab or just a super-duper combo roll. Aside from the rolls, there are various seasonings of curries that you can try. 

Want to move an inch further in finding out the many mysteries of their Indian cuisines? You will have to check out the sweet dishes proposed by the restaurant.

Namak Mandi

Are you looking for some quality time in a cozy restaurant? No need to search more! Namak Mandi would be the best Indian halal restaurant to spend some time in and have your meal. Chef Imtiaz Qureishi and his brother run this restaurant. In addition, Namak Mandi joins great cuisines and delicious tastes under one roof.

The Shura (starters) of the meal offers seasonal drinks and cold press juices that depict the cultural diversity of India.

As you follow with the meals, you should be prepared to drool over their tender tandoori chicken. However, if you’re a seafood lover, the Dakhani Prawns might be your favorite plate. It is accompanied by sides such as Papad or Raita.

Afghan Darbar

Small and cozy, it’s just the perfect choice for a quick lunch before strolling down. The Afghan Darbar asks you to find out the fantastic food that Afghan has to offer.

From the seafood category, seafood lovers can select between Fish Fry or even Fish Tikka. Chicken lovers receive to relish over the Chicken Kadai, a tandoori chicken simmered in onion, tomato, and capsicum.

Eventually, how can you leave the table without intaking their Qabuli Uzbeki? This plate is full of lamb, brown rice, carrots, and raisins.

Of course, your meal has to be served with a sweet delicacy. In addition, you have to use one of their sweet Afghani dishes, the Sheer Yakh. Furthermore, it is Afghani ice cream with delicate pistachio and a teaspoon of rosewater.

Khan Chacha

Toured by locals, tourists and even stars, Khan Chacha has already created an empire in India. For more than 50 years, this food place has provided outstanding service along with fabulous food to its daily visitors. 

You’ll get to distinguish between vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals, as well as delicious sides to support your mains.

For veggie fans, they maintain a complete selection of Tikka rolls, along with vegetarian Biryani. However, it is an excellent place for chicken and mutton lovers. Along with that, you’ll get to select between chicken rolls, peri-peri rolls, and even Chicken or Mutton Biryani.

Karim’s Hotel 

The main motto is “The royal eats to the common man” Karim’s Hotel is far from being only a typical Indian halal restaurant that you might stay at for your lunch or dinner.

Having a record dating back from 1913, Karim’s Hotel made its debut in the hands of Haji Karimuddin, who loves to make their food a royal treat.

Its completely loaded menu will make you want to use all of them and find out the authentic taste of Indian cuisine. You will prepare to select between a delectable preference of curries, tandoori, and Biryani.


Please don’t leave the table until you conclude your dining experience with their famous Indian Halal restaurants. In addition, that has fascinated many with its services.

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