Top Benefits of Education at Nursery School in Abu Dhabi

Childhood education is a very important phase of providing a strong foundation for children. Education at the nursery school in Abu Dhabi aims at the holistic development of students creating love and interest for life-long learning. The Montessori technique of teaching at the Abu Dhabi international private schools is well-designed providing its kind experience that is advantageous for the complete growth of students.

The Montessori methodology nurtures the students in a positive environment and prepares them to take up future challenges as well. The brain development of a child is at its peak in the nascent childhood stages and they have the capability to grasp quickly as well.

Hence offering a robust educational structure along with the importance of social attributes, self-motivation, confidence, self-discipline, respect, compassion and culture is vital to success and joy in learning.

nursery school in Abu Dhabi

While selecting the best nursery school in Abu Dhabi, keep in mind a few things like what kind of curriculum would best suit my child, school location, the distance of the school, facilities offered by the school, teaching techniques and the facilitators.

In the Abu Dhabi international private school students are taught to be independent and also gain physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. Below are the top benefits of studying at the nursery school in Abu Dhabi:

Importance of socialization

A school is a place away from family where children meet new people and make new friends. It’s an entirely new world where children learn new things, be it in education or skills or socializing that ultimately boosts their confidence.

The art of kindness, sharing and caring

Being with students from various cultures and walks of life, they learn to share their belongings, food or anything within their limitations. They are taught to respect elders, teachers, peers and others, care for each other and be kind to one and all.

Overall growth

A solid education foundation at the nursery school in Abu Dhabi provides intellectual, physical and personality growth. Teachers recognize the students’ weak areas and make them strong to face the challenges in education and life.

Passion for learning

Students fostered in a positive and enthusiastic environment develop an interest in learning that stays with them forever. The activities and fun learning aspects of the Abu Dhabi international school make the students dig deeper into the learning and explore more.

Learn good mannerism

Nursery schools are the basis for students to learn discipline, build confidence and excellent mannerisms that makes them well mannered future citizens of the country. They develop a better understanding and will be able to comprehend things better.

Importance of diversity

In the Abu Dhabi international school, students from different countries, states and regions are enrolled. They are from varied strata of society. Students make friends and cooperate with other peers irrespective of their caste, creed, colour or religion.

Significance of teamwork

Working together in projects, group activities will encourage them to participate, help fellow mates in their work, and work as a team. This helps in better teamwork, communication and listening abilities.

Enhances concentration

Nursery school education enables students to think and act more. As they are enthusiastic to learn new things, this forces them to concentrate more and improve themselves.

Learn to be flexible

Modern Montessori teaching comes up with innovative learning techniques making students resilient. Teachers at the nursery school in Abu Dhabi train students to fall and learn from their experiences. This encourages students with excellent coping behaviour to face the challenges of the future.

Boosts confidence

Interacting with peers and teachers helps the students to think positively that ultimately boosts their self-confidence.

Develops creativity and innovation

The modern Montessori methodologies motivate students to think creatively and innovatively. With the latest tools and technologies, they have to put their intellectual and thinking abilities into practice to get the best results.

Better decision-makers

The different scholastic activities and learning patterns stimulate the students to choose the one that interests them. This system of education not only helps in identifying the talent of the students but also improves their decision-making abilities.

Global Indian International School (GIIS) is one of the pioneer Abu Dhabi international private schools that identify the potential of children at an early stage and they learn through observation, play, and imagination.

GIIS provides a superior quality education system, extraordinary facilities, excellent opportunities and an enthusiastic learning environment. The school offers the Global Montessori Plus Programme (GMP) for the nursery school in Abu Dhabi that imbibes students with 21st-century learning skills and recognises and develops their talent.

It is a blend of the traditional and modern Montessori teaching and learning methodologies that focuses on multiple intelligence and prepares students with a strong platform for higher education, and to be confident future leaders.

The expert teachers who are Montessori professionals, through the GMP programme foster a seamless transition of students from nursery to primary school.

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