Android is the best mobile operating system, it provides several features that are free to use. Every update Android comes with new, improved and amazing features, pattern, details

With time the Android use has increased and can be operated on numerous devices such as smartphones, television, tablets, watch, PCs, digital cameras, cars etc.

get benefits to hire android app developer

The security has also increased a lot and it is beating iOS in terms of various features and its consumption.

Is any device perfect in the world? Are the errors can be removed from Android?

If someone is paying for a particular device, obviously they want their device to run flawlessly. Small errors can be ignored as no device is not perfect but yes by taking precautions and performing the programming comprehensively can reduce the small bugs or errors. Today as the number of Android users are increasing and so are their expectations from the developers, hence it’s become crucial to avoid mistakes.

Now, whom to hire for Android App? Are the errors effortlessly prevented?

To prevent silly mistakes on Android is better to get benefits to hire android app developer who makes sure that every feature in the application should be on point. They work according to how the client wants to be their Android application. The use of advanced technologies and tools helps to level up Android devices. The device with no bug or error has great efficiency and performs every function smoothly.

Let’s know what are the common mistakes that can be eradicated in future when the company Hire Android App Developers for every separate application in any business. The experienced and skilled developer company works on every small to big feature and makes mistake-free.

The company should hire the best android app developer by looking at their previous work, to get an idea of how the team works. If it is experienced and qualified or not.

Explain to the developers how you want to be your app, your expectations and what features, the quality you want in that.

Here is the list of 8 common mistakes that can be discarded in future.

8 Common Mistakes that Android Developers make

Avoid cloning

Do you ever realise that some apps are so similar even they are used on a different platform?

According to many articles and reviews, most of the apps are a clone of the iOS platform. Both platforms are completely different, if users are choosing Android then there is a specific reason if they want the same features as in iOS then it doesn’t make any sense to differentiate them.

What can be done to avoid mistakes –

  • Make an effort not to make status tabs
  • Applications icons should not be inside the 4 sided shape.
  • Avoid using Splash Screen.

There are more mistakes too, try to resist yourself not to make again. Do as per the guidelines and requirements of Android.

Users should be the priority

If users are opting for Android still not getting those features that they have expected then it causes to lower the graph of users on your platform.

And one thing to be kept in mind is that every user has different expectations, so every need should be at the top while developing the app.

Know your customers, then analyse what your company is producing and what changes need to be done.

The release of the new app should be done only after proper checking and evaluating if the user will like it or not.

Because it doesn’t take time for users to uninstall the app in a second if the first time experience of the app is not good.

How are the needs of every single user fulfilled?

Yes, it seems impossible but we can talk in the majority and know human nature or personality. Evaluation and rating of the old apps can be helpful to know the audience.

Avoid making confusing apps

The first time experience of the app should be directional.

What does it mean?

New users do not know how to use it? where to click? what to do? And if the app is not directing and popping up random pages can make the user frustrated.

It needs to give proper instructions and guide how to operate the app.

Messy applications

When the app consists of multiple features then it may show some glitches, errors and result in installation. When a company Hire Android App Developer, they need to tell which app they want the most to prevent an impediment.

Use Fragments

Fragments are the main element of Android and it’s quite similar to activity.

Fragments mean the segregation of activities for a user based on their behaviour. It can be formed in various layouts.

It helps the user to get the information or use only one section at a time of the application according to their preferences.

Okay, so fragments are better to use. So, where is the mistake?

In its implementation, until the fragments are made and implemented as they are meant to be till then they remain useless.

Avoid blocking Main Threads

Are you getting bad feedback from your users? Because your app is not responding properly and the main thread is blocked. Thus, users can’t connect to the network and make them annoying.

How to avoid blocking main threads?

By always using a background thread for network calls, bitmap loading, image processing, SD reading or writing, etc.

Enough Testing before releasing

This is a very silly mistake of not testing the app properly before it’s releasing. The experienced developers make sure to avoid this as every day thousands of app launches, so to stand out in a crowd it’s necessary to check all the functions appropriately.


It plays an important role in the success of any app. If you Hire Android App Developer, the skilled team not only develops a productive app but also makes sure to promote offline and online to attract more users.

The common error by a company is that they start marketing without knowing the audience, and do not choose the most used platform.

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