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What are logo design apps, exactly?

Logo design apps are applications that enable you to create a logo using your smartphone or tablet. They’re similar to online logo makers. Only they’re used on your smartphone rather than a desktop computer.

Top 10 Logo Designs App One Should Try in 2022

Before you go to the best logo design service provider, here are some logo designs app for you that you can use in 2022:

  1. Logo Maker by Light Creative Lab 

Our favorite logo designs app for beginners. It includes a simple interface and many customization possibilities, enabling you to create a unique logo design—a free download from the Google Play Store.

How does it work?

Then you’re presented with a remarkable amount of icons, sorted into categories; some are free, while others are not.

To get started, choose the ‘Colorful’ category and start playing. After selecting an icon, you may edit it using the handy sliders at the bottom of the screen and add or remove backgrounds, shapes, and text as you choose.

  1. RoadRocks’ Logo Scopic

Logo Scopic, our favorite logo designs app for iOS beginners, provides a simple method to create a logo from a selection of pre-designed images with no design knowledge required. Android users may use it as well.

Overall, this software provides countless options without becoming confusing. Except for Iconic > 1, which seems to be an in-app purchase, the program itself is free to download. For each category, choose one of the numbered sub-categories inside it. Choose a symbol and then construct your logo using straightforward controls. These let you edit text, alter colors, move elements across the screen, and save or email your finished design. Once finished, you may email or save your creation to the app’s gallery.

best logo design service

Using the app’s free materials, we created some basic yet attractive logo designs in minutes. For $4.99, you may have access to thousands of layouts, over 200 fonts, and over 850,000 pictures.

  1. Logo Maker

How does it work?

When you first open this logo designs app, you’re not sure where to start. Take a deep breath, go through each category, and filter one by one to narrow down the style and feel you want. This app’s library has around 2000 logo designs and 5000 fonts and images, but only a tiny portion of them are free to use and alter without a membership.


The variety of templates available in this app is unique. The app’s designers have championed abstract style throughout, and the accessible images are on-trend, with numerous bright pictures and basic forms on offer.

  1. Logo Maker Shop

How does it work?

While beginning with a blank canvas is a choice, it’s always simpler to begin by browsing through the app’s 1000+ logo templates. After you’ve chosen your favorite, you can edit the text using one of the 200+ fonts available and add other symbols and a backdrop to make the template unique to your brand.


Even the free logo templates are trendy and well-designed! The majority of the alternatives are either wordmarks or basic, clear icons. Look no further if you want to make a statement with your brand. I’ve tried a lot of logo designs apps, and this is probably the best.

  1. Watercolor Logo Maker  

How does it work?

First, this logo designs app, choose the watercolor-style form that will serve as your logo’s background. After that, you’ll be sent to the editor, where you may change the colors, add text, and make other changes.


This software, as the name suggests, has watercolor-style logos. The thing to ask yourself is: does this reflect the brand of my company? If you own an art gallery or an ice cream parlor, and your brand is adorable and whimsical, this may be a great fit. Keep going if you’re in charge of a B2B firm.

  1. Icona

How does it work?

To open the Icona canvas, press Create. At the bottom, you’ll notice three options: shapes, text, and drawing. You may scroll through various icon alternatives by clicking shapes and typing in a term (for example, travel). The color, stroke, and opacity of the icon may all be changed. Then, type your business name in the text box and edit the font, color, and alignment as needed. You may start sketching your shapes using the drawing icon, which is useful if you’re using this app to brainstorm various logos and subsequently design them professionally independently.


The User experience is first confusing in its attempt to be simple and design-forward. There are a lot of icons and fonts to choose from! This is a good spot to start thinking about logo ideas.

  1. DesignMantic 

How does it work?

The method in the app is quite similar to that of the desktop version, which we already discussed. In general, you put your business name and, if desired, a slogan. The software will then automatically produce a choice of logos for you—scroll down to view a selection of options. Select your industry from the drop-down box to receive more detailed results. Once you’ve found a template you like, change the fonts, colors, and other details.


When it comes to professional enterprises on the more serious side of branding, DesignMantic offers more logo options than many other mobile logo applications. Because there are hundreds of logos to pick from, the industry classification is really useful. The symbols are cartoonish and less contemporary. Unfortunately, the canvas and editing experience is not as smooth as in other logo designs apps.

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