Top 6 Unique Gifts to buy online in India

unique gifting ideas

Giving gifts is a trend that has been around for a long time. There are special occasions that are celebrated to show how special someone is. Have you ever wondered about the importance of giving gifts in a relationship? It’s pretty simple: to show the recipient that you care. In a society that is becoming increasingly independent, it might be easy to dismiss the sentiment. However, there are still many people who appreciate receiving gifts. The gifts do not necessarily have to be big—they are often simple things stacked together, making for an excellent token of appreciation and love. Giving gifts is one human trait that makes us feel closer to others. There is a common saying that it takes a minute to find a special gift and hours of research, days of planning and weeks of preparation. But this process doesn’t seem like work when you consider how happy your partner (a wife, husband or friend) will be when they open your lovely gift. So, here are some of the top Unique gifting ideas that you should definitely try:

  1. Plants:

    Do you know that gifting plants to people is considered a sign of affection and romance? People have this natural tendency to attach feelings and emotions to objects. There’s nothing called gifting an object but gifting a plant definitely has a meaning attached to it. No matter what it is, plants always work if you are looking for the right gifts. Gifting plants is one of the most remarkable ways to bring joy and wealth. Whether it is a wedding, anniversary or just a way to say “thank you”, gifting plants is sometimes more perfect than you can ever imagine. Plants by themselves have been shown to have specific positive effects on people. Scholars have found that plants, in particular, have promoted health, growth, surrender and joy. Plants bring positivity and warmth to your home and purify the air.
  2. Cupcakes:

    Gifting cupcakes is an extraordinary thing to do as they are a hit with everyone and add a luxury touch. Gifting a cupcake is one of the better ways to express your love and affection towards your near and dear ones, especially during festival times or on birthdays and anniversaries. Cupcakes let you convey all those beautiful feelings of yours and can be a tempting sweet delicacy that is just the perfect yummy delight for any celebratory party. Selecting the right kind of cupcakes to give your loved ones can make all the difference in making them fall for you and turn their day into something extraordinary!
  3. Personalised Photo Frames:

    Personalised Photo Frames have become a crucial part of gifting and are in high demand as they have become one of the most preferred ways to keep photographs. Nowadays, buying Personalised Photo Frames has become increasingly popular because of the variety. Several occasions require gifting lovely photo frames to your loved ones. Birthdays and Christmas are some of the popular occasions that should require fantastic, giftable personalised photo frames. However, there are a lot of other special celebrations in life that you will surely not forget and hold dear forever, like graduation ceremonies, marriage anniversaries and much more.
  4. Chocolates:

    When you talk about mouth-watering confectionaries, nothing beats chocolates. It’s a classic sweet treat that never disappoints. From the perfect center of creamy chocolate to the delicious peanut butter filling and smooth caramel, there is no denying the taste in any flavour you choose. Chocolates are an exceptional choice for all ages. Therefore, the importance of gifting chocolates to your loved ones in the form of birthdays or anniversaries is the best way to surprise them. Chocolates are candies made of roasted cocoa beans and refined sugar. These are available in various delicious flavours. People all around the world love to buy and receive these sweet treats. They are luxury items and thus mostly gifted to the people we love or loved ones.
  5. Jar Cakes:

    Jar Cakes offer the best way to express your feelings for your dear ones, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money, where you are free from a load of worries. Jar Cakes have become a way of expressing our love and fondness for each other. These delicious buttery cakes are a must-have during the holidays.
  6. Perfumes:

    The gift of perfume is a sense of character, taste, and enormity. When you give someone perfumes, you say I care about you enough to provide you with something to smell good. Aromas are more than bottles of scents; they are minute works of art and symbolise luxury. The perfume world is full of alluring scents that can leave people mesmerised. Perfume’s smell makes one feel fresh and happy, so perfumes are widely used not just for self but also as a present to make the other person feel special and happy. 

It is true that a gift, much like an idea, has repercussions far beyond what one initially imagines. Giving a gift to someone can impact them for years and even create a relationship that continues long after the gift itself. But why exactly do people like receiving gifts? What makes giving gifts so important? Giving and accepting gifts is a standard practice in many countries across the globe. It is the social norm of the country to give gifts on special occasions like birthdays, weddings, Pujas, etc. India is no exception. Gifting is an integral part of our culture and upbringing. Acquiring the perfect gift for someone can be very difficult. It requires a lot of time and effort to search, find, compare and pick a particular one you think they’ll like. Hand-crafted gifts have always had an undeniable charm! Whether for birthdays, anniversaries or just any day, a handcrafted gift is a thoughtful expression of love and affection from the heart. People always say, ‘It is better to give than receive.’ This is true and one of the most important things that you must learn. Why? Because ‘giving a gift’ can give your heart a warm and fuzzy feeling, making you feel on top of the world. So, here were some of the top unique Gifts to buy online in India.