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best facebook aggregators

Remember the good old days back in 2004 when Facebook was born. A lot has changed since then. Facebook has traveled a long journey since then and now it’s the most used social platform for business. Also, today we are providing the limelight to one such tool called Facebook aggregators which will really help you to grow your business.

From a social media platform to find and make friends to being marketer’s first choice from brand promotion and business marketing, Facebook has evolved a lot.

Facebook has immense potential when it comes to marketing your business.

But employing Facebook to your marketing purpose is no easy job itself. You need to manage through multiple platforms, pages, profiles, hashtags, comments, and so much more.

facebook aggregators

A Facebook Aggregator seems like a lot of help while managing Facebook for your marketing campaigns.

This article throws light on 5 such amazing Facebook aggregators that make Facebook marketing for you really easy.

Come, let’s have a look.

Best Facebook Aggregators for Business Owners


Taggbox is a social content aggregator and display tool that lets you create beautiful and engaging Facebook social media walls. Which can be either displayed at live events or embedded into your official websites.

It aggregates Facebook feeds in real-time from Facebook pages or your profile and gives you amazing customization options to display them to your audience via Facebook social media walls.

It accompanies along with it, powerful moderation and curation features to check the irrelevant content and prevent it from getting displayed. This way you monitor your Facebook feed quality that matches your brand theme and standards.

It also has robust Analytics feature that generates reports of the performance of your Facebook feeds. How well users are engaging with those feeds, their contributors, impression, and many more insights like these.

It has a user-friendly interface, responsive layout, easy installations, flexible pricing plans, and many more features like these which come as added advantages.


Buffer is a social media management tool that lets you manage and monitor multiple social media networks at a time, Facebook being one of those.

It makes it really easy to manage Facebook for marketing campaigns, especially for business professionals and marketers. And allows you to schedule, post, and analyze multiple profiles on Facebook altogether.

And it comes with a really easy-to-use dashboard where you can manage and monitor multiple Facebook profiles, pages, posts, comments, and a lot more at one place.

You can schedule your Facebook posts at a preferred time which Buffer will automatically post.

It also allows you to view Analytics reports for your Facebook marketing campaigns. Also, you can give access to multiple team members to ease up your teamwork.


Netvibes is a personal dashboard intelligence service that lets you see everything that is happening across various social media platforms, that too on one single intelligent dashboard.

You can literally manage everything- news, social media, websites, and a lot more. Managing and monitoring Facebook for marketing purpose is one of it’s prominent features.

You can even customize your dashboard according to your requirements for your Facebook marketing. Also apply filters and analyze the performance of your Facebook marketing campaigns.

Manage Facebook, what’s happening over there concerning your brand, get notifications, view calendar, a to-do list for your Facebook marketing, and so on.

Even automate your whole Facebook marketing process by selecting triggers and actions you want to take place and then just relax. Netvibes will automate everything.


Flock is completely different from all other tools we just discussed above. It is like a social media browser driven by social media integration.

It lets you integrate your various social media channels at one place, Facebook being one of them. The best part about Flock is the online security that it provides.

It lets you auto-connect your various Facebook profiles and pages all together at one place. It also gives you customization options to better manage and present your Facebook marketing campaign.


It helps you display “Social Proof” to your website visitors thus earning their trust. And it allows you to the more social side of yours that too without having to leave your website.

Also, it is not just beneficial to improve your Facebook influence over social media but also to increase your visitors dwell time on your website and reduce it’s bounce rate.

Over To You

These were the best of Facebook Aggregators that are there in the market.

Do you know any other good Facebook aggregator that you are currently using? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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