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When you are living in a busy and crowded place like Bangalore, you tend to lead a very hectic and frenzied lifestyle. You are always on the go and your idea of a perfect weekend might be getting some rest to your body and mind after a chaotic and pressurized week. Most people have families and others manage on their own. However, you might be living the only thing that keeps your company is no other than your personal mobile. And mobile is nothing without the apps that help you survive each and every day. Your mobile might be loaded with apps and data but there are simply a few apps that you might not be able to live without and they are a must-have in every Bangalorean’s mobile.

You might have heard about instances saving in which technology and especially mobile phones save lives. If you are active on social media websites, you might have seen many people getting different bits of help from organizations and individuals by appealing online. The revolutionized internet industry has made people so dependent on apps and the internet that existing without it is like living without food. Just think about how many times in a single day you use your phone for notifications, calls, emails, messages, games, and apps that help you get through every day.

When you are so much dependent on an item, then you should also consider keeping the essential apps that you need the most to sustain a lifestyle in Bangalore. With the city always on the run and you along with it, you might never know when you might need the help of these apps. We have put together a list of 5 mandatory apps that is a must-have in your mobile if you’re a resident of Bangalore.

  1. Alarmy – Do you have a problem waking up in the morning? Do you always try to wake up a little early for work but end up sleeping till the last minute and are late for your office? Well, then Alarmy is the perfect app for you. It gives you many features and considered one of the most annoying apps due to the various missions added which forces you to stop sleeping and wake up. You can set photo missions where you take the picture of the registered place that you have set to shut off the alarm. Similarly, there are math missions, barcode mission and shake missions where you have to solve a math problem, take pictures of a barcode and shake your phone 999 times to shut down the alarm chimes. Annoying but effective, don’t you think?
  2. Ola Cabs – If you are running late for a place and do not have a vehicle of your own, then this is the perfect app for you. The prices charged for a ride is also reasonable. Also when you are going out of the station and need to reach the airport or railway station just reserve with Ola Cabs 15 minutes before getting out of your home and you get a perfectly safe and affordable ride to your destination. No more waiting or searching for cabs or autos on the streets!
  3. Zomato – Food is also another important part of today’s hectic lifestyle. We do not get the time or strength for cooking a home-cooked meal and depend mostly on outside food. Most people also have a problem finding a decent place to eat. Especially, women have a problem going out alone and getting food at affordable prices in a decent place. The weekdays or the weekends, you can simply order online and don’t even have to think about washing dishes or invading pests in your kitchen because of wasted food or trash cans getting filled up. Most pests get attracted to your home because of the spills and scrapes that get in kitchen corners while cooking. No more pests, no more looking for best pest control services in Bangalore, no more searching for a good place to find food. Zomato does all this for you.
  4. TechSquadTeam – Apart from work, the only other place that is worth everything to you is your home and it needs proper maintenance even if you do not have time because of your hectic schedule. Well if you think how to do that, think no more. TechSquadTeam is the one-stop solution to all your home or office maintenance problems. May it is cleaning services, pest control services, plumbing services, electrical services and much more, they do it all. They provide flexible scheduling timings with affordable pricing for the services along with certified and well-trained technicians. Considered the best on demand pest control and cleaning services app for Bangalore.
  5. Dunzo – Time is everything when you are a grown-up because you have many issues to deal with in a single time interval. Times might have appeared when you might be expected to get groceries for your home but you have this really important meeting that you need to attend and you simply do not have the time to do it. Well, now you do not have to worry about that. Dunzo simplifies this dilemma for you. You can just hire people to do your chore for you. May it be your groceries, medicine requirements, pet supplies, sending packages or getting food, they do it all.

We hope these apps help you in your day to day combat to cope up with each day of intensive responsibility and duty. It is always recommended to use the apps in a fair and accountable way as they can make our life quite simple and relaxing. Much stress and anxiety might also lead to health problems. So, use the apps to lead a healthy and happy life rather than being a robotic workaholic. Share a few moments of respite and leisure with your loved ones to get memories worth remembering. Let technology help you live a better and improved lifestyle than using the technology just to get by each exhaustive day.  

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod, as a blogger he used to spread all about app-based business, startup solution, on-demand business tips and ideas and so on.

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