5 Apps to Help you in Skill Development

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Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere” Learning is an ongoing process of life. Some learn through their experiences, some through reading, some by getting higher education and degrees and some by interacting with people. It’s just the source of learning that changes from time to time, not the process.

One thing that’s constant is Learning no matter from where you manage to do so. With the fast-moving technological advancements in today’s world, being on jobs or universities we all require to keep ourselves update with the latest information. Improvisation and skill development are the topmost demands of today’s realm. But being professionals, we tend to get short on one thing – Time.

Bound by innumerable chores and tasks, the time left to invest in attending courses personally gets a bit hectic or say impossible.

“Revolutions are not born out of chance but of necessity”

And here was the dire need of bringing into the picture a stage through which learning could become handy.

Strange is this world where technology has advanced so much that needs find their solutions in an instant. With this idea, developers came up with a unique method of making learning easier. This was by developing applications that offered its users to learn and develop skills they have been yearning for.

With the same pledge of helping our readers, we through this article aim on sharing with you the “Top 5 apps to help you in Skill Development” that will make your lives and learning easier.

Before we start, these are the shortlisted applications after a lot of usage and research. Thus, it can be a possibility that we have skipped out the one which you may be using at the moment. If so, how about letting us know about the ones used by you?

Top 5 Apps here to help Skill Development:


Udemy not only comes handy for you on your mobile screens but you can also access them through their website. This online learning forum offers a wide range of topics and areas to cover i.e. from technical to historical, its all here right on the tap of your fingertips.

Also, this platform does not drag or brag. With over 80,000 courses offer online you also have an opportunity to select for yourself the best instructor. We think its one in a million package. All we have to say is “Get yourself start here”


With over 700 courses in all domains, Lynda now is also assisting in learning through LinkedIn. Again, not only can you equip yourself with latest developments and advancements in various fields by just installing this application and getting a hang on different information but also choose for yourself a free trial for a month to know whether or not the place is right for you.

So, what are you waiting for?


Who doesn’t know about TED? Or TED Talks?

A non-profit organization that started nearly in 1984 with an aim of spreading ideas, TED now is a complete framework of learning. Not only do they talk about the Motivational subjects but also about different topics including global issues and others to learn about. With over more than 3000 videos to learn from, we can surely say TED now has its own place in people’s hearts and Oh! Mobile phones too.


Ever asked someone to teach you about a skill they know about? And all you get is a response saying “Hey! Just YouTube it”. Not long back, a friend was trying to dismantle the metal tag from his new clothes. He tried calling a couple of friends to get a hang of how was it done. Upon not getting satisfactory responses, he simply You Tubed it and learned the skill of “Getting rid of new Metal Tags from your clothes” and to our astonishment and to his as well he successfully got rid of the tag. Isn’t it staggering how within a few minutes and through a video he learned something he never knew of?

Same is the case with this channel. From these petty things to skills like becoming a Top-Notch Makeup Artist, you have got all sorts of videos and channels to learn from.


Being kids and at school, we were always told we had to study different languages to make it to the top scores. Though it sounded absurd in those days, traveling now has made us realize the importance of knowing different languages. Not to the fullest though, but at least enough for one to understand the shortest terminologies. It is one of the finest skills one can have, learning different languages can take you places if on your Resume. Duolingo not only is user-friendly but also helps you gain command over different languages easily. Listo para Aprender?

That was Spanish saying: Ready to learn?

Power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it”. We believe in learning. And one can learn through any channel. Here, we tried to offer you with what we knew with the hope that these applications and their usage turn out being fruitful for you.

The most important thing is what kind of app a person needs for specific skill development. There are so many applications create by iOS and Android app developers and every app deliver many different functions that are effective for different skill development activities. I just pick the top 5 apps which help everyone to develop skills.

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