We captivate the most elite, from merit lists across India and overseas. This makes for a fertile multicultural academic environment. With the merging of yearning minds the learner and the enlightened in a mutual exchange ofsharing of thoughts and ideas. Not to be confused with just bookish learning but, to be acquired by trial and error in the process of practical learning too. MBA colleges in Bangalore are aplenty, but the holistic approach to learning and growing into a career in management is an evolutionary learning process at RCMB.

The education sector perse is not on par with the corporate sector in terms of the evolutionary process. However the opportunity for young yearning minds in one of the ​top MBA colleges in Bangalore in mentoring students in a corporate mind-set, and in that area RCMB, is doing a great job. Fuelled by the efforts of a few visionaries both academic and corporate, the ball is now rolling, with a greater emphasis on corporate learnings than academic theories of dogmas. From that vantage and active collaboration of corporate leaders who have learned the hard way collaborate to form a coalition, in our endeavour to foster a new generation of corporate blue blood. Our focus on the metamorphosis is very clear, and that is imbibed into the RCMB culture.

Concurrent with the MBA studies, are several, short term, mind expanding, career powered skills that are imparted. Participation in these courses and workshops help students improve not just in the skill being taught but also improve their communication skills, a skill essential to any corporate success. These skill competency development workshops and courses enhance the individual’s self-confidence, self-esteem and competency levels, the very back-bone of all career enhancement. The surely is a cascade effect, when their confidence levels are high, performance levels at academic endeavors also improve, not to mention the acquisition of a new skill. From the outset we empower and mentor students with “managing their lives” more efficiently than they have in the past. In the course of this process, like with any skill, of empowering and mentoring, groom’s’ learners to be more self-reliant, in decision making and the wherewithal to follow through with their decisions. This is one quality that makes a manager an extraordinary or super manager. And regardless of environment, the sooner this skill is an inclusion the more effective finished graduates will we have in the corporate environment. Most answers to managing corporate activity is not the stuff out of text books by real life situations, usually your own.

The campus, away from the buzzing city, is an environment conducive to the yearning minds and the process of knowledge transfer. Where in this big picture is does the MBA aspirant become subliminal? This is a gradual process of skill competency development and every student set their own pace, and will evolve to out of what at first seems like just a piece of rock, but is now with the right guidance in the right environment, exquisite sculpture, with the rough edges chiselled away.

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