Top 10 German language courses in India

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German language learning is considered a prudent undertaking for the future since accomplishing mastery of the language has a catalogue of benefits in any turf. This three-gender logical language is one of the most complex languages to master unless learned through a German language certificate course. Many online German language courses in India allow the learners to learn the language at various levels to earn near-native fluency and grasp the German language from the primary level. This blog gives you the quintessential details of the top 10 German language courses in India.

Levels of proficiency in the German language:

Understanding the German language courses and choosing the best suitable one depends on the level of proficiency one wants to attain in the language. There are 6 major levels of proficiency in the German language namely A1 and A2 ( Beginners level), B1 and B2 ( intermediate levels),  C1 (Advanced level), and C2 ( Proficiency level). 

Top 10 German language courses in India

Many Institutes and schools provide German language courses in online as well as offline modes. The course details and the fees of the top 10 german language courses in India are listed below:

  1. Henry Harvin
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Henry Harvin is a pseudonym for the best online education providers in India and abroad as well. The online German language course from Henry Harvin is evaluated as one of the best online German language courses globally.

It is curated to meet the prep requirements for exams like the TestDaf, DSH, the Goethe-Institut Exams, etc. One imperative feature of Henry Harvin’s German language course is that there are 9 elements in this course. The training, certification, internship, placement, hackathons, bootcamps, membership, e-learning, and projects are the elements that make this course unique among its peers.

The training duration for each level is different, i.e levels A1 and A2 take 56 hours while the rest of the levels take 66 hours to finish the training. Additionally, projects, assignments, and case studies ensure the full growth of the learner through this course. The E-learning facility helps to polish the acquired skills through recorded videos, bootcamps, hackathons, and much more. These winning features put Henry Harvin’s German language course at the no.1 position in my list of top 10 German language courses in India. Other language courses from Henry are:

  • Henry Harvin Japanese language course
  • Henry Harvin Korean language course
  • Henry Harvin TOEFL preparation course, etc.

The Course fees for Henry Harvin’s online German language course is 

Level A1: INR 12,500

Level A2: INR 12,500

Level B1: INR 15,500

Level B2: INR 15,500

Level C1: INR 17,500

Level C2: INR 17,500.

The curriculum for each level incorporates the essential concepts relevant to the level of proficiency. As an example, the Beginners level includes basic grammar like verbs, Adjectives, etc, and basic speaking skills as well. In addition to this, Henry Harvin Education provides full placement support to all learners irrespective of the domain of study.

Henry Harvin Provide other Language Course

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  1. Goethe Institute

Goethe Institut is a cultural institute in Germany that aids German language learning abroad. They have learning centres in India in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, and New Delhi.

Online courses, Blended learning, Classroom training, specialised courses, and Exam prep courses are the main category of courses offered here.

One of the most alluring features of this institute is that they offer 50% scholarships to the best students at B1 and A2 levels. Also, all the levels from A1 to C2 training are available here.

  1. Yes Germany

Yes, Germany is one of the best consultants for guiding students to study in Germany. It is a requisite to learn German and attain fundamental fluency to study in Germany. 

Yes, Germany helps its learners accomplish this in 60 days through offline as well as online modes. Moreover,  they teach levels from A1 to B2 at Yes Germany.

  1. British School of Languages- top 10 German languages in India

British school of languages or the BSL is based in Delhi and offers courses in English and Foreign languages like French, German, Korean, Mandarin, and many more. in India. 

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The German Language course at BSL is one of the best courses with optimal course fees and above all, they give training for all 6 levels of proficiency in the German language.

  1. Language Pantheon

Language Pantheon is an exclusive German learning institute that offers German language courses in online and offline modes as well. The course is well-structured and elaborate with no room for inanity since the course aids in the holistic development of the learner. In addition to the language courses, they also offer Exam prep courses for TestDaF exams,  TestAs exams, etc.

  1. IPromise Academy

IPromise is an academy that provides German language courses in India in online/offline, and hybrid modes as well. The learning experience is exceptional with group discussions, role plays, and debates for enriching the learners with the relevant knowledge at A1 and A2 levels. Study material and mock tests are add-ons.

  1.  Langma School of Languages

The most alluring attribute of the Langma School of languages is the professional trainers, who not only impart knowledge, but also guide the learners in preparing for the Goethe, and TELC Exams. Moreover, the courses are short-term yet effective in gaining an exceptional grip over the German language at all six levels. Langma School of Languages is, therefore, regarded as one of the best among the top 10 German language courses in India.

  1. Indian Institute of Foreign Languages

IIFLs is an institute that offers courses in English and foreign languages like German as well. This institute marks high-end technology for learning and hands-on exposure for the learners in the Language domain. 

The levels of proficiency that can be achieved here are A1, A2, B1, and B2. The syllabi are following the changing industry demands.

  1. ASAP German Language Institute-top 10 German language courses in India

The trainers at ASAP German language institute are adepts in the industry with at least C1 level proficiency in the language. The German language course from ASAP is run by German linguists and professionals. Hence, the training provides in-depth knowledge of the language along with preparation for the proficiency tests. Additionally, they also provide professional guidance to pursue higher studies in Germany. Up to B2 level in German language proficiency training is available here.

  1. ForeFront Academy

Another phenomenal institute for German language learning in India is the Forefront Academy in Bangalore. They offer courses for German learning at all six levels and provide translation services to corporates as well. The German Language course is well sought and comprehensive, thereby providing an ornate learning experience to their learners. Along with this, the learners are made to practice the skills through tapes to ensure near-native fluency.


If you are keen to learn a foreign language, the German language is one of the best languages in terms of career requitals or studying abroad. Many online and offline German language learning are available in India. The list of top 10 German language courses in India above, gives you an abstract conception of the modi operandi of the German language courses in India. The course fee for each course varies with the institute and the level of proficiency required in the language. Lose no time and master the logical Foreign language by enrolling in one of the above German language courses in India.

FAQ -top 10 German Language courses in India

  1. Are there many job opportunities in the German language field?

ANS: Yes, there are many opportunities in the German language domain. Most of the courses in the above list of top 10 German language courses give placement guidance as well.

  1. Does doing a course help me in learning German better?

ANS: Yes, doing a German language course helps you better in German learning as the courses are well-structured and rendered regularly. Moreover, the German language courses also provide practice material and guidance to clear the proficiency tests.

  1. Are German alphabets similar to English counterparts?

ANS: German alphabets are notably different from English alphabets though both have the same number of alphabets i.e 26.

  1. What is the average salary of a German translator in India?

ANS: The average salary of a German Translator in India is more than INR 5 lakhs p.a.

  1. Can I become a Freelance German tutor after doing a course?

ANS: Yes, you can opt for a freelance German tutor after doing a course. Many courses listed above can give you guidance in the same.