Top 10 French language Courses in India

French language courses in India


French is one of the finest languages in the world. The beauty of this language and accent attracts many people around the world. Learning French language courses in India helps you to move across the world as a traveler because you will find at least one French person around if you visit any European country. It is also a global language and around 300 million people speak french.

People are willing to learn French in terms of developing their career and the attraction they have towards the fantasy romance language, especially people who have a keen interest in literature and arts. French is also called the language of diplomacy and business. It is the 3rd most spoken language in the world of business following English and Mandarin(Chinese)

Further, I would like to give out the list of Top 10 French language Courses in India and this listicle is prepared according to the popularity and the quality of course content provided to an individual. Before going into the details, learning any language to start a basic conversation with a native speaker takes around 3 months to 6 months. However, to master it continuous dedication and practice are required.

French language courses in India

1.  Henry Harvin – French language Courses in India

Henry Harvin Education is a learning academy and a famous Edtech establishment that offers many courses in various domains to refresh information and to foster abilities and aptitude in your space of interest. Henry Harvin offers language courses like Spanish, German, and French language courses in India. The French language course is a finished bundle where you will get total fulfillment of your investment. They offer all levels in the French language which is from A1(Beginner) to C2(Advanced).

Course Benefits

  • Training from the award-winning mentors
  • Activity-based sessions
  • Access to learning management system of Henry Harvin for lifetime
  • You can view all batches of video sessions, dashboards, study materials, and presentations
  • Industry Recognized certificate from Henry Harvin Education
  • Assistance to crack international language exams like DELF, TCF, and TEF, etc.
  • Internship program under french language experts.
  • 100% percent placement support
  • Weekly Bootcamp sessions on career building.

2. Indian Institute of Foreign Languages

Indian Institute of Foreign Languages is a Bangalore-based language learning academy that offers training sessions on English, German, Japanese, Spanish, and French language courses in India. Candidates gain active involvement in basic aspects of the French language such as writing, reading, listening, and speaking.

Candidates gain the applicable skills of business correspondence and figure out how to impart successfully. innovation-based learning gives the knowledge to get an edge over others. The course educational program gives thorough realization, which empowers one to satisfy the need of future necessities.

3. French Institute of foreign languages

French Institute of Foreign languages is a Bangalore-based language academy. They offer on-demand foreign languages like English, German, Spanish, Japanese, and French language courses in India. The French language course empowers the candidate’s certainty and assists the new abilities with adjusting the work. Adds to being powerful and useful. Further develops abilities and advances great correspondence in the work environment.

There are many advantages of a hands-on direction program, remembering development for efficiency, better candidates maintenance. The sessions are conducted by the French experts and the course content covers all the aspects which will help an individual to turn themselves into a french language expert. Further candidates will get 100% assistance from mentors to crack international exams like DEFL, DFEL, etc.

4. Alliance Française – French language Courses in India

Alliance Francaise(AF) is a government body in France, Paris offers French language courses across the world. In India, there are multiple local bodies in each state and each institute is managed by a president. The main objective of this institution is to promote the French language, culture, and heritage in the world.

They offer every one of the 6 levels(A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) in their training program. You can apply for any level according to your prerequisite and capability in the language. The programs are directed by both local and non-local speakers of the French language and they have gotten positive reviews from students and presumed associations for their showing strategies and practices.

Course Highlights

  • Sessions are conducted by French language Courses in India experts.
  • A personalized library that includes novels, magazines, and literature books
  • Sessions are filled with fun activities, games, group discussions, and debates
  • Alliance Francaise certificate is recognized across the world.
  • This course will help you crack all international French exams.

5. Udemy – French language Courses in India

Udemy is an online academy where you will get to access your desired course at a very low price. The udemy website is just like an e-commerce site. To be precise it is a place where experts upload their videos and the aspirants purchase the course at a fixed price available on the website. The queries will be answered on Udemy’s Q&A platform. Furthermore, Udemy offers French language courses in India and all levels of French language courses available on their platform. However, the course content is limited to udemy. So, this course will be helpful to beginners who are aspiring to learn French.

Course Benefits

  • It is a self-paced course with pre-recorded videos.
  • 24 hours support and upgrades
  • 28 articles
  • 244 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Industry recognized certificate

6. Let’s talk India – French language Courses in India

Let’s talk India is a Pune-based language learning academy that offers popular and on-demand foreign language courses like German, Spanish, English, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, and French language courses in India. The French language course incorporates estimating your advancement and puts your insight under serious scrutiny. Your mentor will assist you with improving your Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking Skills in the French language.

The sessions will have activities and games which improve talking, tuning in, perusing, and composing abilities while growing your jargon and information on action words and sentence structure. Utilizing a progression of perusing, talking, and listening exercises, assessments, and backing from your mentor, you will end up being a certain speaker of French.

7. Duolingo – French language Courses in India

Duolingo is an American-based language learning application that offers multiple foreign language courses for free. There are around 103 language courses available on the application. Furthermore, you can access French language courses on the Duolingo app. In this application, you will improve your language skills by completing multiple exercises which include reading comprehension passages and short story exercises. There are around 500 million subscribers across the world.

The improvements on your French language Courses in India of interest are built upon a tree. Each tree has several branches which are multiple skills such as vocabulary, grammar, idioms, pronunciation, countries, etc. Depending upon your performance and continuous practice you will succeed the levels from 1 to 5 and then the legendary level. The sessions include translating, matching, and speaking.

8. Fluentu – French language Courses in India

Fluentu is a Hong-Kong based language learning application that offers multiple foreign language courses including French language courses in India. These sessions are conducted by using a bilingual method. The course content includes multiple videos with subtitles such as movie trailers, speeches, interviews, dramas, flashcards which help you to improve your ability to speak in french language. By practicing the given exercises in the fluentu app you will be able to speak french fluently.

In Fluentu you will learn language by repetition of exercises. You will learn about words and how to form sentences. Fluentu offers a 15 days trial period post that charges will be applied as mentioned on the website. It is very easy to access videos and podcasts without any difficulty as it is a user-friendly application.

9. Babbel – French language Courses in India

Babbel is an online language learning application. There are currently 15 different language courses and the courses are available in 7 different languages. You need to make a requested premium amount to access babble courses. The course content consists of many videos which will help you to learn all the basic requirements of language. Further, you will get to improve vocabulary, grammar, tongue twisters, and idioms in the babble platform.

Babbel offers French language courses in India and only beginner and intermediate levels are available. You will get access to many french magazines and downloadable resources in the Babble portal.

10. World Languages Center

The world language center is a language learning academy offering multiple languages courses English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, and Arabic with a special focus on spoken language and extensive punctuation, we plan vanguards of things to come. The middle additionally has practical experience in giving other language-related administrations, including interpretation, understanding, and concentrated preparing programs for the corporates.

Further, they offer multiple French language Courses in India which cover all the levels from beginner to advanced and they also diploma and crash courses in french language which includes travel courses also.


India is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world and globalization is one of the key factors behind its development. French language Courses in India are the 2nd largest learning language in the world. Learning the French language will lead you to explore global markets. You will want to build up and keep up with individual and expert contacts. There are bunches of open positions for French-language experts in India.

Because of the consistently developing position market for French students, you don’t need to battle to get a generously compensated language work in an undeniably aggressive work market like India. It is something that brings you heaps of advantages as it frees you up to the world and the tremendous open doors present there.


Q1. What kind of jobs can I apply for after completion of a French language course in India ?

Ans. language translator, BPO’s, KPO’s, and french language instructors.

Q2. Are there any requirements for the French language in corporate sectors?

Ans. There is a huge requirement for French-language experts in corporate sectors in this globalized world.

Q3. What is the average income of a French translator?

Ans. The average income is $45,685 per annum.

Q4. What is the demand for French language courses in India?

Ans. There is a huge demand for french language courses in India, As french is used as a language of business and diplomacy.

Q5. Why is French known as the language of Strategy?

Ans. French turned into the most widely communicated language in the world, previously being utilized for diplomatic events between a few nations.

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