6 Tools You’ll Need to Flip a House For Profit

angle brushes

If you are interested in flipping houses, you will need tools and a particular skillset to actually do the work yourself and make money on your project. To that end, your first responsibility is to invest in safety gear, including goggles that fit over your glasses, gloves that do not alter your grip, and a respirator you can function in. Remember, if you get hurt, things get expensive, so get the right safety gear first.

Yard Tools

If the house you bought has been neglected, you will want to tackle the big eyesores first. This means walking the property looking for any mowing hazards, mowing to a manageable height, and trimming along drives and sidewalks. Do your best to keep your mowing blade nice and sharp. Often, a neglected yard is loaded with a variety of plants and they will mow down more evenly with a sharp blade.

Invest in a sturdy string trimmer with a gas powered engine that you can use even if the electricity to the house has to be turned off. A gas powered trimmer will also last longer and generally have more motor power. To that end, wear long sleeves and pants to protect yourself from debris.

Painting Tools

Treat yourself to angle brushes with a very clean edge for trimming along the edge. Learning to patch sheetrock is a skill that will serve you well for years, so go ahead and get a really good taping knife with a comfortable grip handle and a stainless steel blade.

Spindles are pretty easy to get, but a high quality set of rollers can really speed up your painting process and can easily be the difference between one and two coats. To make sure you get a professional quality finish

You can save yourself a lot of ladder time by painting the ceiling and walls the same color.

Air Compressor

An air compressor will allow you to buy tools that have a lot more crank or torque when needed. If you plan to nail up your own trim or work on your own roofs, get a compressor and build a slow investment in your tool stock. If your house will be empty for a few days, make sure you use your compressor efficiently and load it back into your working vehicle before you go home.

Tools to Get Up High

A quality ladder can save your life. If you have an interest in doing your own siding, investing in scaffolding may also be worth your time.

Ladder work and scaffolding setup take a lot of upper body and core strength. If you are not sure, hire out high work to avoid serious injury.

Cleaning Tools

Invest in extendable cleaning tools so you can wipe out the cobwebs and dust bunnies from a distance. Some of these dust collections may include mites and spiders. If you are not sure of the time the building has been left empty, you may want to invest in booties or a Tyvek suit to avoid bringing home bugs.

The best option may be to hire a pro, thoroughly decontaminate the building, then start the renovation. Micro sponges can easily clean up handprints if you do not need to paint, and dish soap is often the best way to remove stains from walls, cabinets, and countertops.

Decorating Tools

A basic decorating style for flipping can include

A ten-year-old white refrigerator will work with a new white range. A white pedestal sink will go with an old white tub or toilet. If it still works and can be cleaned and is white, any appliance can be reused to put your money to best use.

House flipping is often referred to as formulaic. In all honesty, you can treat each house as a unique design opportunity, using the same tools to create something amazing. Getting good quality tools and using your safety gear wisely will give you the option to make a neglected house new.

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