Toca Life World Secrets – 2 of the Most Interesting Hidden Locations

toca life world download
toca life world download

Toca Life World is an educational game where children are allowed to explore and experience living life in a cartoon-style virtual world. Like in real life, players can interact with others in a world full of cute in-game characters, fun places and activities.

This is probably what makes Toca Life World so interesting for kids. They can enjoy playing in a virtual dollhouse, except that instead of interacting only with the things inside the dollhouse, they can interact with others in an even bigger world outside. They get to buy stuff from stores outside their houses, have their hair done in a salon, own and take care of pets, and many more. There are just so many activities and things that kids can do for hours. 

But if you think that those are the only things kids can do in Toca Life World, then you are in for a surprise. Just like some interactive games, there are some hidden features that kids can discover as they interact with their surroundings. These things make the Toca Life World even more interesting and fun to play. 

Today, we are going to share two of the most enjoyable hidden features and secrets that you can discover in Toca Life World.

The Secrets of the Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion is one of the most interesting locations in Toca Life World. Despite its eerie appearance, this location holds a lot of secrets that you can uncover. However, you will need to put on a brave face if you would like to discover what is hidden inside this haunted mansion.

You will begin with a stern-looking character sitting on a bench near the gate of the mansion. This character is probably a secret agent or a paranormal detective. Her suit and briefcase give her away.

Secret #1

To start, you must open her case and have her wear her detective’s hat and uniform. Then, have her bring her confidential case files and paranormal activity detector. Inside the case files, you will find a picture of what seems like a statue of a lion. That is your clue. Look for the statue of the lion inside the house. You can find this inside of the house beside the elevator.

The next page of the confidential documents shows another picture of the lion, but this time, it has a button below it. Tap the lion’s head and it should pop up, revealing the button. Just as with all buttons, you will want to press it. Pressing the button will reveal a small secret room behind the wall near the lion statue.

Inside the room, you will find a portrait of a pumpkin-head man, three candles, and a box. Open the box and you will find a paper with a secret combination on it. Place the portrait and the paper inside the elevator. You will be needing that on the next floor.

Secret #2

There are also a couple more secret items that you will need to bring with you when you pass by on your way to the statue. One is a weird painting of what seems like a wide-eyed ghost.

The second secret item can be found outside on the mansion grounds. Right outside the main door of the house is a tree. At the bottom of the tree is a tombstone. Tap the ground in front of the tombstone to dig up a coffin. Open the coffin and you will find a crumpet. Cool, right? But you don’t really need this second item for the other secrets. It’s just cool to find a crumpet in this location. Now, let’s go to the second floor.

Secret #3

On the second floor. You will find a girl with a one-eyed cat. She also happens to have a weird-looking chest near her window. Open the chest and find another picture and a paper with a different set of secret combinations.

There also seems to be a gallery on the left side of the elevator, but its pictures and portraits are not complete. Arrange the portraits, paintings, and pictures based on the shape of the markings on the wall. If you get the arrangement right, the wall on the left side of the room will slide open. This will reveal what seems like a secret laboratory.

Secret #4

Inside the laboratory, you will find a creepy gadget with sliders on them. Use the secret combinations you found earlier to set the sliders in the right positions. This will then reveal a button to what seems like a reactor. Press the button and the reactor will slide up allowing you to get a two-eyed slime.

This slime is so cool. You can use this as a creepy mask with several eyes on it. Also, this slime turns whatever items it touches into another slime. Cool, right? Who doesn’t like slimes anyway?

The Mall’s Secret Vault

Of all the locations in Toca Life World, the mall would seem to be the most mundane place that you can be. Sure, it is where you can find cool things to buy, but you will never think that they are hiding something inside the mall, right? But this mall is different. It has a lot of interesting secrets that you can discover. So, let us begin our search for the mall’s secrets on the second floor.

Secret #1

Firstly, you need to explore the store that sells cool shades and eyeglasses. On the left corner of the store, you will see a poster with some letters on it. This is called a Snellen chart and it is used to test your eyesight. Behind this letter chart is what seems like a circuit board with two wires attached to it, and a letter “x” drawn on it.

Then, try to explore the area with a pony logo. It should have a fish tank in the area. Inside the fish tank, you will find a suspicious-looking card. What is this for?

This card turns out to be a keycard and the circuit board for what’s behind the Snellen chart, a keycard reader. You will then have to place the keycard on the secret keycard reader. After doing that, the wall beside it will open up to a cool-looking room. It has a CCTV monitor, a computer, and a safe. But the safe is locked so you will need to keep exploring the mall for the safe’s combination.

Secret #2

So, let’s continue exploring the mall. In the ATM, you will find drawings below. It is a drawing of a rocket, money, and a heart emoji. But this is not the only place that you will find these drawings. In the third-floor bathroom, you will also find these drawings on one of the cubicles. Bizarre, right? Surely, this should mean something. These are actually symbol combinations. But where should you use it?

Secret #3

Next, go to the photo booth with a big phone. It should have several symbols on it. Press the symbols in the correct order – rocket, money, and heart emoji. This will lift the whole floor where the photo booth is and reveal a whole new section.

This area is so cool. It has some tools, some cash, and a couple of beanbags. It seems like a place where technicians would chill out. But wait, there is also a note taped on the wall with three numbers on it. This must be the code to the safe. They must have cracked the code to the safe! Go back to the second floor where the safe is and try it.

How to Find the Secret Code Easier

As a side note, if you want an easier way to find the code, there is actually a piece of crumpled paper on the floor. It also has the code written on it. Clumsy secret code guy, right? Now, back to the safe.

Enter the code correctly—2-1-8. This should open the safe. Then, boom! You will see the owner’s money and diamonds. You can now be an instant rich guy. But, we are good guys so let’s put that money back where it belongs.

So, those are two of the most interesting hidden secrets in Toca Life World. There are a lot more hidden secrets you can explore in the game. Try Toca Life World download to explore and discover all its secrets one by one. Have fun!