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Capturing group shots is much more difficult than clicking solo corporate pictures. Even many highly experienced photographers have hassles while photographing big groups. But, with time and practice, the skills to click group photographs has automatically developed among the professionals. The major challenge of large group photography is that everyone in the photo should look good.

corporate photographers

Apart from this, you need to focus on the exposure and sharpness of the image. The other problem shooting more people together is that they do not cooperate with each other. The photographer has to guide every single person in a group on how to pose and act. To reduce this problem, most corporate photographers work with a small group of professionals at once. This trick helps in building cooperation between the people and results in great corporate images.

Some of the common mistakes that corporate photographers make are as follows -:

  • Few subjects do not look in the right direction.
  • Inconsistency in moods (For example, some appear smiling, while others seem sad).
  • Some subjects are out of the picture frame.
  • The significant gap between the subjects looks quite odd.

It’s vital to avoid these silly mistakes to stand out in the competition and become a successful corporate photographer. Read on to know tips that will help you to click the best group shots.

Click Multiple Shots

Everyone rarely focuses on the camera or in the right direction during a group photoshoot, especially when the group is large. The best way to solve this problem is to click multiple images in a short duration. You can also switch to continuous shooting mode to take a large number of shots.

Use Wide Angle Lens

The wide-angle lenses are the most effective when it comes to shooting corporate group photographs. The great corporate photographers use a 50 mm wide lens to capture more people together. The wide-angle lens allows you to keep a tripod near to the subjects so that you can capture every detail of their face.

Scout Out Venue

To come out with alluring-group pictures, you need to scout out the location a day before the photoshoot. It will allow you to be a bit creative and take the appropriate props. Not just that, scouting the venue, even just for some minutes, helps you to keep a plethora of photography options in your mind. You can really add charm to your clicks by visiting the photography location ahead.  

Higher Aperture

It would be best to keep the camera aperture as high as possible to bring each person into focus. Generally, an aperture between f/5.6-f/8 is recommended by the experienced corporate photography pro for capturing appealing group images. However, for very large groups, it should be somewhere between f/8-f/10.

Take Advantage Of Tripod

Tripods increase the quality of group photos in various ways. First, it helps you to take multiple images without any difficulty. Secondly, the tripod gives the subjects the central point to look at, and third, it reduces the blurring effect in the group shots. Apart from the tripod, you can also use a ladder for group photography. It will allow you to photograph the huge group from a higher angle and bring everyone in the frame.

Shutter Speed

Like aperture, keeping the right shutter speed is crucial in huge-group photography. According to experts, the fast shutter speed works well in shooting large groups. Higher shutter settings result in sharper and blur-free photos. The general rule to set the shutter speed for capturing a large flock of people is it should be 1/Focal length of the camera lens. For instance, if you have a 60 mm wide lens, the shutter speed must be 1/60 or faster.

ISO Setting

For good exposure in huge group shots, you should set the ISO at the optimum level. If you are taking the corporate photos outside, the ISO between 100 to 200 will be okay. However, for indoor shots, you need to increase the ISO level. Most of the corporate photographers suggest ISO 400 for indoor group photoshoots.

Make Your Subjects Smile

Smiles can make your photos more enticing and attractive. Therefore, do not forget to ask your subject to smile during the photo session. You can also crack some jokes to make the atmosphere more lively and joyful. It will surely improve your group photography style.

Get Closer

Click the group photographs as close as possible. The closer you snap, the clearer the faces of people will be. Yes, it’s a bit difficult to photograph the 30 plus people from close. You can use a tripod and wide-angle lens to solve this problem.

Make Sure Everyone Wear Color

Neutral tone colors, such as light pink, purple, etc., results in great corporate shots. Suggest your clients put on such colors during the photo shoot.

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