Tips to Score Well in Your 9 Class

In today’s competitive world, the quest to rank higher and highest is constantly going on. Nobody wants lower marks today and definitely not in the 9th standard. So, are you working hard too as well? We understand that you want to score good marks in and and even want to perform better in the board exams next year. But for that, apart from constant practise, you also may be solving sample paper of ICSE class 9th. But this alone may not be enough. There need to be some more things to do to pass your 9th standard with good mark s  And for those tips, keep reading.

Refer to good and verified solutions –

There are some ready to use solutions available online and even in offline textbooks that you can utilise to study better for your 9th standard. We suggest to opt for the ones which are recommended by some of your friends and previous students and also have verified and properly checked solutions. After all, you are going to rely on these solutions to pass your examinations for class 9th.

Subscribe to a good studying app –

Though you might be dedicating a lot of time to study the concepts and chapters, but it’s important that you take some help from good studying application. You can subscribe to the educational app that not only provides you ready to use solutions, but also have pre-recorded lectures for better explanation and even have mock tests and sample exercises to practise better.

Read the chapters thoroughly –

Reading of chapters provide a very good source to remember and learn the subjects better. We suggest, you read the chapters in your textbook and even the ready to use solutions at least once before starting to learn the answers. This will help you recollect better in your examination even if you are not ready with the answers.

Practise, practice and practice –

Practise makes you perfect. Follow this quote very closely and keep on practising the concepts, sums, problems and solutions available in your books and online application. This will make you grasp the subject easily and be perfectly ready for your examination to score good marks in the 9th standard. 

Solve the sample paper of ICSE class 9 –

Solving of sample paper of ICSE class 9 plays a vital role in making you exam ready. If you are regularly solving these papers, you get to manage the time required to solve the examination papers. Apart from this, you also get a precise idea of the probability of the questions coming in your examinations. Solving these papers also increases your confidence and leads to lesser stress and nervousness during the exam times. In all, as you keep on solving the sample paper of ICSE class 9, you tend to increase your chances to score well in this level.

If you are working on all these factors during the entire year of nine standard, nothing is going to stop you from scoring the best marks in this level and be ready for the board exam the next year.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod, as a blogger he used to spread all about app-based business, startup solution, on-demand business tips and ideas and so on.