If you have experienced giving presentations during your college or university life, you must know how difficult it is to maintain the standards and quality of a presentation and to present the same with a huge audience in the auditorium. Most of the students don’t feel comfortable facing the audience. I have seen students in a cold sweat when facing the audience for presentations or public speaking. However, students can easily overcome this fear if they keep practising in the right direction.

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This article can help students to perfectly refine their presentations and to get good grades;

Focus To Practise Your Presentation

Instead of memorising the presentation, the best thing to do is practise. There are no doubts that practise will make you perfect. The best practice is to stand in front of the mirror and feel like your spectators are sitting in front of you. Once you have tried the mirror, try to practise the same in front of your family, colleagues, or friends. It will enable you to get the self-confidence that you are lacking to face the audience. 

The best outcome of practising in front of the mirror, family, friends, and colleagues is that they can tell you about the weakness and flaws in your written presentation or in your presenting styles. If you only practise by yourself, you won’t be able to find those mistakes by yourself. However, there are plenty of basic mistakes that students do while practising their presentation skills. One of these major mistakes is memorising the presentation content. There is no reason to memorise and say it again and again, as it is already provided throughout the presentation. Furthermore, it will be a disaster if you forget any key point in between the presentation.

Maximise The Use Of Visuals 

Another factor to make your presentation more effective is to maximise the use of visuals instead of text. There are many factors that are responsible to improve your presentation which also includes the way you present the same. It is necessary to incorporate each and every single key point throughout the slides. 

There are plenty of backgrounds available to enhance the visuals of your presentation. Students can also use different templates available online for presentations. These templates can assist you to stay on the right track of research and writing. Furthermore, these templates actually save your time and minimise your efforts throughout making your presentation. In short, maximising the use of visuals in your presentation makes your presentation look more appealing and engaging for the target audience.

Don’t Fake It

The best thing you can do during the presentation is to be real and be who you are. You will be caught in a micro-mini second if you are faking your personality on the stage. However, it is never a piece of cake. I have seen people in a cold sweat and losing their personality in front of the spectators. 

Make sure that you avoid doing anything extra on the stage. Try to incorporate things in which you feel comfortable. Avoid doing anything extra if you are not feeling comfortable, as it is good for yourself instead of being caught for faking.

Make The Right Structure Of Presentation

Structure plays a vital role in enhancing the quality of the presentation. However, it is necessary for the students to structure the presentation before submitting the same to the professor. There are no specific structures for the presentation. However, you can easily make custom changes in your presentation as per your requirements and the guidelines that are provided by the college or a university.

Students can easily adopt the structure of the presentation as they desire. However, make sure that the adopted structure of the presentation makes you feel comfortable. The best presentation always includes a good opening that catches the eyes and attention of the audience. It can be a question, an image, or a point of discussion. The main purpose of the opening is to make the audience aware of the topic and the main theme of the content. 

As it has an opening, there will also be a body of your presentation. The goal of the presentation body is to provide the details about the selected topic while deeply explaining the key points at the same time. Make sure to include the facts and the figures in order to persuade the audience about the claims you are making throughout the presentation. As there is an opening and body of the presentation, you should also set a closing to the topic. Make sure that you leave the audience with something valuable by providing some reliable and relevant outcomes. 

Encourage The Involvement

It is the main quality of a presenter that it always encourage questions from the spectators. There should be someone who should evaluate your effort, as you cannot evaluate yourself about your work. Encouraging the remarks and queries is one of the best ways to get yourself evaluated about the presentation. However, try to avoid questions and comments during the presentation. Instead, take out time at the end of the presentation to welcome questions, queries, and comments. 

The comments coming from the audience will help you understand the flaws and the goods in your presentation. However, if you think you have a good amount of time, you should repeat the main points while answering the questions and the queries at the same time. Welcoming the questions would allow you to avoid the current mistakes in your future academic or official presentations.

Try Using Personal Stories

Using personal stories during your presentation can make you a good presenter. It is one of the best ways to attract the audience and to make them focus on your information and claims. The main objective of using personal stories is to entice the audience throughout your presentation. 

Gaining the attention of the audience should be a basic objective of your presentation, and personal relevant stories would that perfectly. Once you have gained the attention of the audience, it will become easier for you to explain the concepts significantly. You can also use stories that include some humour in order to make the audience feel relaxed throughout the session. That is why telling personal stories are considered a vital part of the presentation, whether it is for academics or is an official.

Keep Eye Contact With The Audience

Maintaining the eye-contact with the audience is a key to a good presenter. It helps you to boost up your self-confidence and to deliver the right intended message to the audience about the selected topic. If you fail to maintain eye contact with the audience, your audience won’t take your claims and information seriously. 

In short, keeping eye contact is key to build up your confidence promptly and efficiently. You may feel shy or frighten at first, but once you look at the audience in full, it will gradually help you throughout the presentation. 

Keep Up With Positive Gestures

Body language is the most significant factors that can give you an edge over other presenters in the class. Your gestures play a vital role in explaining the crucial points, just like a smile, or a positive gesture. It is not only about using the right body language but how much you are confident about it while using them. 

You need to make a contact with your point and the body language at the same time. The entire audience has eyes on you, and they can notice things very clearly whether you are confident enough or not. However, whatever happened on the stage, never create a panic situation for yourself. Even if you think you have made a mistake, try to take a deep breath and overcome the mistakes by using the content in the presentation.

Keep It Clear And Concise

Make sure that you keep your presentation concise and up to the point. The over-information in the presentation actually distract the audience and they don’t like to sit for too long. That is why you should maintain your focus on the key points of the selected topic and avoid providing irrelevant, and unnecessary information throughout the presentation. 


Presenting in front of a whole class is not a joke. Most students find it stressful and some have a phobia of public speaking. However, if you keep practising hard and follow the right tips and techniques, you can easily create a winning presentation and can present the same confidently and effectively. Make sure to keep your appearance formal and attractive in order to give a professional look to the audience. 

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