5 Tips to Protect Your Patio From the Summer Heat

Your patio is the first place people see before entering your house. It adds to the home’s curb appeal and should be protected from harsh weather conditions. Here are some ways to protect your patio from heat damage;

Roofs and Awnings

Retractable roofs are a fantastic way to cover your patio and prevent exposure to the sun. You can customize the roof to match the deck for a more pleasing aesthetic. Most of these roofs have their guttering system, last long, and you are assured of total protection from ultraviolet rays. These roofs are attractive options if you like to host dinners and parties on your porch.

protect patio

Sail awnings are a popular and affordable choice to protect your patio. The awning material is quite durable and can be moved when you want to enjoy some direct sunlight.

Pergolas and Umbrellas

A good quality wooden pergola will give your patio protection and a sophisticated look. The fantastic thing about pergolas is that there are unlimited options for something to add, like potted plants, vines, and curtains for a more personal feel. 

You can add a ceiling fan with a pergola to make the deck even more comfortable. The arbor ensures that you are not under direct sunlight when on the patio, and the fan redistributes humidity making for a relaxing atmosphere.

A nice big umbrella is an affordable way to shield the patio and outdoor furniture. Umbrellas are a popular choice because they meet sun-blocking requirements while adding a touch of sophistication to the deck. 

It is critical to check the ultraviolet ray rating before purchasing a patio umbrella. Most umbrellas have a fabric similar to your outdoor furniture, thus providing sun, mold, and water damage.

Mats and Tarps

When it is sweltering, the patio reduces its attractiveness as an option to hang out and cool off, mainly due to the hot surfaces. Placing a mat on the deck ensures comfort for you and surface protection for the patio. 

Ensure that you get a rug whose material can withstand high temperatures without deteriorating, provided they are cleaned. There are many patterns and designs for patio mats, including faux grass.

A heavy-duty white tarp is a befitting choice for patio protection. Tarps are made to protect a surface from the sun’s rays and are pretty easy to clean and durable. Your patio furniture is covered with a tarp even when it rains.

Plants and Misting

Different plants will make your patio look greener and provide shade. It would be best to go for the faster-growing types with sturdy branches for trees for your deck. For an easier time, choose a tree that thrives under climate conditions in your neighborhood. 

Other plants you can bring for your patio include climbing vines, potted plants, and bushes. The plants need to be sun-resistant and can thrive on their own without much care. It is not advisable to choose fruit trees because they may cause harm when the fruits start to fall.

Another great way to ensure the patio is at optimum temperature is by installing a misting system. The constant spray of water prevents the deck from becoming too hot throughout the day. You need not worry about the slippery surface as the mist is sprayed at intervals and minimum. A misting system is a double win for when people are hanging out on the patio and the deck itself.

Stains and Power Washing

Part of protecting your patio needs to involve proper maintenance. The best way is to power wash your deck occasionally to remove dirt before applying new sealants. Power washing gives more years to the patio and reduces damage from the sun.

When making the patio more comfortable to walk on, contemplate adding a fresh coat of paint. When looking for the appropriate stain for your deck, you should ensure that it has reflective properties. This will ensure that heat does not get trapped and that the deck’s surface is protected.

Closing Thought

The deck represents a place where you unwind and destress for most people. Ensuring that you maintain the pristine conditions of your patio makes it last longer and saves money in the long run. Choose a sun protection option that works for you and is not a hassle to maintain.