Tips and Tricks to Help You Pack Lightly for Flights

pack for flights

Don’t you hate unpacking your suitcase again because you packed too much? You probably know that packing lightly is the best way to avoid overpacking for a trip. But how do you achieve that? It isn’t easy, especially if this is the first time you are taking such a trip. So, here are some tips and tricks on how to pack lightly for your next vacation without going insane.

Create a Packing List

A packing list is a great way to ensure you don’t forget anything. It might seem silly, but it’s easier to forget things when you are not at home, so it’s a good idea to write a list of everything that you need to bring. This will help you avoid forgetting things like your laptop charger, toiletries. It will also help you estimate how much room you need in your bag, which can be helpful if you try to fit everything into a smaller bag.

If you forget something, it is better to buy it at your destination rather than have it shipped. You can create a packing list using an app or write it down yourself.

Choose Lightweight Clothing

You don’t need a lot of heavy clothing when you travel, but it’s also not a good idea to pack nothing but lightweight clothing. Ensure you pack light, breathable clothes that are also appropriate for the weather of your destination. If you are visiting a warm destination during winter, it is a good idea to pack a few light sweaters.

The fabrics you choose for your clothing also affect how much your suitcase weighs. Natural materials, including cotton, linen, wool, and cashmere, are relatively light. Synthetic fabrics, like nylon or polyester, are heavier but often cheaper and more durable.

Go For Travel-friendly Shoes

Depending on your trip length and where you are going, you might need to pack some shoes. If you are going to a warm tropical location, you don’t need heavy sandals. But they might be necessary if you are heading to a snowy mountain. Boots or other heavy shoes are probably not essential, though you might want to pack a pair of hiking shoes or something similar if you plan on hiking at your destination.

If you don’t want to pack multiple pairs of shoes, you can wear your hiking shoes while exploring the city and then put on something more appropriate for evening wear.

Only Pack the Essentials

You don’t need to pack everything you own, just the essentials. Some items you might want to pack but don’t count as essentials include your favorite pillow and hairdryer. These things are nice and can make your trip more comfortable, but you don’t need them to survive. Opt for packing travel sized items and toiletries like small perfume samples and decants. You might even want to invest in a travel sized curling iron to save even more space and avoid a heavy suitcase that can be more costly.

Roll Your Clothes

Rolling your clothes instead of folding them is a great way to save space in your bag. It will save you plenty of space in your suitcase. If you are going on a short trip, you can roll your clothes and then unroll them when you get to your destination. You will have to re-fold or roll them again to put them back in your suitcase, but it will save you room while you are away.

If you are going for a long trip, you can roll your clothes and then have them pressed once you get to your destination. Many hotels have a service for pressing your clothes for a small fee. This way, everything will be neat and clean when you unpack.

Use a Backpack Instead of a Suitcase

Some people prefer to travel with a backpack instead of a suitcase. If you decide to use a bag, make sure you choose one with lots of compartments so you can easily organize your belongings. A backpack is also a great option if you want to carry it on your back when traveling by plane.

To ensure that you are packing light, use a backpack scale to measure how heavy your bag is. It is essential to pack light because the heavier your bag is, the more likely you will have to pay for it to be checked.


Packing lightly is the best way to avoid overpacking for a trip. It is easier to travel lightly, especially if you are going on a vacation that involves a lot of travel, such as a vacation to a nearby city or abroad. Creating a packing list, choosing lightweight clothing, going for travel-friendly shoes, only packing the essentials, rolling your clothes, and using a backpack instead of a suitcase, will help you avoid overpacking.