Tips to Complete College Applications on Time

Colleges serve as the beginning to the road of your dream career. But there is no beginning without the applications, right? Applications are the key to the door of your new beginnings.

Many of the students struggle with completing their college applications on time. They procrastinate the whole year and then rush at the eleventh hour. This leads to complicated situations many times. Sometimes, they forget to fill in important details. Sometimes they miss deadlines or important documents. All of these can result in termination or rejection.

The only way to avoid such problems is to make sure that you are ready with your applications well before time. Instead of delaying application filing, one must start early and be done with it as soon as possible.

Here are a few tips that will help you to avoid any delays in completing college applications on time.

1. Analyzing your Application Procedure

To avoid problems, you first need to evaluate what is causing you problems. Hence, you must first spot the possible areas that can cause delays in your application procedure. You must first look for an answer for what is causing delays and why are those things causing delays.

Procrastination is a deep-rooted habit that interferes in many of our everyday tasks. Thus you must understand the importance of college applications and the value they hold in your life. This will help you to work for them and plan the procedure. It had been a common observation that sometimes people delay due to their fears. They think of the results in advance. Then, to avoid any failure, they unconsciously delay the process. This leads to poor performance even before you present yourself for the final test.

It is completely fine to be nervous. Choosing a college is a big step, and one must be considerate about every opportunity that falls in front of them. You can take help from your guidance counselor, teachers, or your parents. They can help you analyze your strengths and weaknesses. They will encourage and motivate you to fill your college applications on time.

2. Strategizing a Schedule

When you start filling out the form, you will see many requirements listed in the applications. They will be asking for documents, recommendations, identity proofs, and account details that are required during the time of the applications.

Thus you must enlist all the tasks and make a schedule. Include every little work in that. This will help you to complete applications long before the deadline. This will also help you to do thorough research for the recommendations that you will need. A schedule helps you to maintain the pace of your preparations. It also helps you to keep track of your progress. You can then accordingly move forward. Make a to-do-list and set your weekly targets. Setting weekly targets will give you enough time for research and performing tasks.

Recommendations are a part of applications that generally take a lot of time. Thus you should enlist them in your task-list.  This will help you to go for alternatives in case of need.

Following a schedule will also keep you from missing any of the details. This also helps in prioritizing tasks. You will be able to follow up on the remaining tasks easily.

3. Admission Types

There are different types of admissions offered by universities. There are early-decisions and rolling admissions. They have an early date of application. They require you to submit your applications months before the college admissions deadline. So if you delay the application procedure, you may lose the opportunity of a lifetime.

Look into the details of colleges and the admissions procedures that they follow. Decide what course you want to enroll yourself in.

Filling the application is already a long process. Make sure you have a list of the colleges where you want to apply, along with the deadlines of the application submission. There are thousands of applicants competing for every single seat in the course. Delay in applications is a compromise that one cannot afford.

Thus, it is always advised that you start early and complete your applications before October. Many universities have a deadline of October or November for rolling admissions. So, if you’re targeting them, prepare well accordingly.

4. Delays are Likely

Delays and problems are sometimes unavoidable. You may get unexpected problems at the last moment. But you can lessen the chances of delay by preparing yourself well. Anything can happen. You can lose your documents, may not get recommendations on time, the computer may stop working, or your transcripts may not reach on time. There is always a possibility of delays. Hence, the best you could do is to start before time. You must try to do every task at least 15 days before the deadline. Or else, you will be sitting along with another student who hasn’t even applied to any college. Even if you achieve a great score, it will be of no use if it gets delayed.

Delays are very likely, especially when you are working on something that requires days to complete. All your hard work gets pushed away if it is not delivered on time. There can be numerous reasons for the delay. But you need to fight off every possibility that can cause delays and problems.

Try to keep yourself ahead of schedule and be on time.


The right time to start applying is now. As soon as you enter the senior year, you must start buckling yourself up for college admissions. Every minute is precious. Get your grades organized. Meet your counselor regularly to stay updated with your college application.

Be careful with your planning, do not miss any details, and do not work yourself up too much.

Do not compromise your grades just for the sake of application procedures. Divide your time among different tasks smartly. You wouldn’t want to hurt your academics or extra-curriculums.

The only way is to start early and finish before time. This will save you time and will also help you to cover all the required tasks. At Miles Smart Tutoring, we provide career counselling and guidance to students. We help kids excel in their academics to get into their dream school. For any further information, you can Online Tutoring Services.

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