Tips to Choose the Right Netball Outfit

Netball Outfit

If you are planning to enjoy your netball game, you should come with the right dress, shoes and accessories. Netball is one of the most energetic games that involve activities like running, jumping and placing; hence the dress you have preferred should be flexible and comfortable. The right netball dress materials should not be a mixed fabric, but if you want more comfort, you should choose cotton, as polyester is a synthetic fabric.

Like all other accessories, netball dresses are some of the important stuff you need to take care of when getting ready for the game. Clothing requirements may vary from one to another match, but there are some basic things that you need to be careful about.

Why You Should Go for The Perfect Clothing?

Whether you are in the domain of sports or exercise, wearing the right clothing remains an important thing. Like many other sports accessories, clothing plays an important role in the overall performances.

Likewise, a well-fitted dress can give you complete freedom of movement, which is very important in sports like netball. Apart from these factors, the right clothing creates and sporting environment and makes the game more interesting for the spectators. Let us talk about the ways to pick the right netball dresses.

Choose the Right Style

If you are playing for a team, you need to pick the right style so that you look like a part of the event. If it is an all-female league, you can opt for skirts with matching colors. If you are part of a team, your dress should match the style and color of your teammates. A radiant logo design and proper font print can enhance the quality of the overall branding.

Players who have come with skirts should have matching tops. Before you choose a top, make sure it represents your team’s theme or color. In most of the recognized leagues, organizers do not allow netball dresses with zips, lacing and pockets. Both two and one-piece dresses are suitable for this game and you can go with any according to your team’s preferences. Since now more people are enthusiastic about netball matches, you need to have the right quality dresses in cases you are the manufacturer. The cycling shorts, skirts with neon flayers all work well when it comes to choose the jersey design.


Like style, the design is also an important aspect you should take care of when choosing a netball dress. If you are choosing a dress for you or your team, you should keep several things like team spirit, sponsors, school, college, university, area or anything you are representing in mind.

A unique design for netball dresses will give your team the must-required confidence to stand out from the other participating teams.


Like the style or design, quality of the material is very important here and you have to be a little bit choosey for this. Netball is a physically active game and you need a flexible, breathable and durable fabric for netball dresses.

Eyelet, Lycra and Meryl are some of the common options of fabric you can go with. Eyelet fabric is good for a hot environment, as Eyelet is one of the most breathable fabrics. Lycra is also a breathable fabric but both Eyelet and Lycra are not suitable for cold condition. Like Eyelet and Lycra, Meryl is also a breathable fabric but the key difference is that it is antibacterial and helps players to stay fresh for a long period.

Netball is a fast and exciting game and you need to be physically fit to do well in this sport. Perfect netball dresses can give you the flexibility to stretch, comfort and much-required confidence. Thus, choose the right outfit and play your best game. 

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