6 Tips How To Reuse Your Old Furniture

reuse old furniture

Today, in our modern age, recycling is one of the most important things. We are more aware of the environmental situation, and how we don’t have to waste absolutely everything. The same rules apply when it comes to furniture, and more and more people and generations decide to somehow reuse or recycle their old couches, armchairs, beds, and many other pieces. So, if you have the same issue of finding a way to reuse your old furniture, here are a few ideas on what to do with it. 

Have It Removed With Care

If you have plenty of old furniture, but it is not usable at all, consider having it removed by someone who cares about the environment. There are dozens of eco-friendly rubbish removal companies in all countries, and you can probably find a local one that will do you a favor. Such companies focus on environmentally friendly solutions for the disposal of waste, and they tend to make sure that as little as possible ends up at landfills. So, if you can’t find a new use for your furniture pieces, choose this option. 

reuse old furniture

Donate It

Sometimes we simply want to get rid of furniture because we got bored with it, or we don’t have space or use for it anymore. Chances are high that such furniture is still usable, so instead of just ditching it at the curb or landfill, consider donating it. There are people who would probably really need that piece you are getting rid of, so look for a local store, charity, or network that accepts such donations. One such example of good work people are doing is the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, and they will gladly accept older pieces that can still be used. There is probably some local charity that does the same thing, or if you know someone less fortunate, help them out and make their day. 

Refinish It, or Reupholster It

Before deciding to get rid of it, consider changing it up a bit. If the piece you want to reuse is still usable, consider giving it a new look or a new purpose. If you have furniture that is made mostly of metal, you can consider giving it to scrap metal dealers because it can be hard to use your crafty skills on metals if you don’t have the tools. Or, you can take it to a professional and see how those materials can be turned into a new piece. 

And if you have old wood tables, chairs, dressers, and other pieces, you can rethink their design and refresh them. Old worn-out upholstery can easily be fixed with a new and colorful design. You can also refinish the wood with some fresh paint and completely change the design and look of a piece and breathe new life into the room. 

If It’s Good, Sell It

This is usually a good way to somewhat reuse your furniture if you are moving to a new place. When moving we often figure out that we don’t need some pieces, and this can be a good opportunity to sell such furniture. You should of course give it a lower price, based on its condition, but any piece of furniture can be sold which can later be some handy additional cash. You can use various groups on Facebook or local ad places and see what you can get for those pieces instead of just chucking it to waste. 

Try to Trade It in

Another great option is trading it in. There are shop companies that will gladly trade-in your old furniture, just like you would trade in a car. Then, you can receive some store points or a discount on a new purchase. This is a good idea to reuse old furniture because you can instantly replace it with newer ones and change the design or functionality of your home. 

Donate to Theater

Most theaters, especially schools, don’t have big budgets for staging their plays. This is where you can help them out a bit and donate some older pieces you have to them. They will gladly accept props, and this is a creative way of recycling your furniture and doing some good in the world. 

As you can see there are many ways to reuse your old furniture. Not every piece has to end up as waste, especially if it’s still usable or holds good materials. Help others, refurbish it for your own needs, do whatever you can to make someone’s day, or get a new DIY project. 

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