Instagram is more popular than ever – a reason for many entrepreneurs and self-employed people to set up a profile there too.

But to get new followers on Instagram, it is not enough to create a profile and post photos regularly. 

Complete profile

Select unique name & meaningful profile picture

Set up your company name as a profile name so that you can be found easily. Replace spaces with an underscore or a period. You should definitely use your company logo as a profile picture. When creating, make sure that Instagram shows your picture as a cut circle, so all important elements should be in the middle. As a company, it is advisable to have the profile verified – this creates additional trust.

Interaction is everything

Don’t wait for others to find you. Browse Instagram and especially look for related profiles. Comment & like what you like. Subscribe to the profiles of bloggers and influencers from your niche and take part in the discussion. Make sure to contribute something important or “high quality” to the discussion – pure advertising messages are out of place here. Regular engagement helps you to become more visible. Other users will come across your profile and follow you.

Use hashtags

Almost all major Instagram profiles use hashtags: by placing a hash (#) in front of a word, the image is found in the search by this term. This gives you more visibility because many Instagram users “jump” between hashtags. You can use hashtags both in the caption and in the comments.

  • Use hashtags to describe what you see in your picture. The more hashtags you use, the better! However, make sure to only use meaningful hashtags that also match your picture.
  • Use hashtags that match the content of the picture or your business or are thematically relevant for your audience.
  • Another good option is to put hashtags in a comment under your photo. The number of characters is not limited here and it looks tidier than in the caption.

Post regularly & pay attention to quality

Content is king. Make absolutely sure that the photos match the topic of your profile, are of good quality and have a high-quality overall impression. Use filters provided by Instagram when uploading your photos. This gives the photos the finishing touch. However, make sure you have a healthy mediocre filter: the more serious your profile, the less conspicuous filters you should use.

Also make sure to post new pictures regularly. You don’t have to publish content every day if you can’t make enough artwork. However, we recommend that you publish pictures at least 1-3 times a week. Regular content will help you to increase your reach and gain likes and new followers in an organic way.

 Editorial plan for more regularity

Regular uploads lead to more followers. If you have enough content available, you shouldn’t be afraid to post daily. Don’t just limit yourself to photos: Videos, live videos and stories also help to increase visibility. The best thing to do is to draw up an editorial plan and plan the content for 2-3 weeks in advance. Decide early on which days you want to publish which content in the next few weeks. Prepare the pictures, videos and stories 1-2 days in advance.  

Post pictures when followers are active

Depending on the topic and business, the followers of your profile will be active at different times. Post new pictures at times when as many users as possible are active. This is usually the case in the late afternoon and evening, but there may also be differences in individual niches.

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Instagram contests

There are many competitions on Instagram, in which the most beautiful photo is chosen on a specific topic. Of course, you can also participate with your company profile and get a lot of attention. If the competition takes place on a topic in your niche, you can score twice!

Look for competitions that take place on a relevant topic or in your niche. On the one hand, you have higher chances of winning as an expert, and on the other hand you reach exactly your target group.

Cooperation with other Instagram users

A great way to get new followers: Work with other Instagram users in your thematic area! This can help each other to increase the number of followers on both accounts – a win-win situation!

A collaboration on Instagram could look like this:

  • Work together on events and campaigns and mark the other profile in the pictures.
  •  Offer bloggers & influencers products or services that they can give away via your Instagram profile.
  • Give products away to bloggers & influencers so that they can be tested and discussed by them.

Skillfully use live videos and Instagram stories

Live videos attract a lot of attention. Live videos allow your followers to take part in special events such as company events, trade fairs or talks in real time. As a representative, you can “go live” and answer questions from your followers in regular circumstances. Live streams always enjoy high levels of participation and interactivity.

Use Instagram Story. You can create small video clips and pictures that are shown on the photo stream.

How long will it take to get known on Instagram?

Hashtags, complete profile information, cooperation as well as high-quality and regular content are good basics to improve your reach on Instagram and increase the number of your followers. Be patient – it can take a while for your profile to be discovered and the profile to grow. Definitely stay on the ball – it will be worth it!

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