Top Tips For Prolonging Your Car’s Life


Owning a car can quickly turn from reasonable to overpriced costs of maintenance. Aside from spending too much money on constant costly repairs, you can jeopardize your and the life of your family if you’re negligent about your car’s maintenance. Everyone wants their car to serve them for as long as possible, and that’s achievable only through the proper care and regular check-ups. On top of that, several other practices will help you prolong the life of your car.

Filters need regular changing

Just like any other machine, cars have a variety of filters. Be it an oil filter or air filter, they will need replacing after some time. Don’t risk having clogged filters that can jeopardize your health and safety. Renew them regularly for a safe and sound drive. When you take the car to a regular annual check-up, the mechanic should check the filters and change them if they’ve been used up. If you’re mechanic-savvy, you can try and change the filters on your own and save a few bucks. However, don’t try to do it if you’ve never done it or don’t have anyone experienced who can help you. Some filters can be washed instead of changed, so check whether your car support such filters and save yourself the trouble of taking the car to the mechanics sooner than necessary. Always use genuine replacement parts for your car to prevent any damages.

Turn the AC on regularly

Whether you drive your car once a week or every day, your AC will need to work often. That will prevent its malfunction in the future when after several months of not using it, you try to cool yourself off and fail. Namely, when you don’t use the air conditioning system for a while, it will leak refrigerant gas. If there’s no refrigerant gas in it, you won’t be able to cool yourself off when the temperatures skyrocket. Therefore, prolong the life of your car’s AC and test run it regularly.

Watch the tyre wear and tear

Tyres are the essence of the car right after the engine. That’s why you should pay attention to their condition before and after every trip. Avoiding rough terrains that can damage your tyres is one of the best ways to prolong their life. Australia is known for demanding terrains that can cause serious wear and tear on your vehicle’s tyres. So, if you ever go looking for a renowned tyre shop, Sydney offers an array of places where you can find premium-quality tyres. Always check the tyre pressure before going on the road. On top of that, keep your spare tyre in top shape in case you need to change one.

Keep an eye out for fluids

The only fluid that a car can leave behind, without any consequences, is water. Drippage from the cooler is a common occurrence, and it shouldn’t concern you. However, if you spot oil leakage on the ground where your car was parked, it means the vehicle needs repair. To prevent the leakage from happening, look under the hood from time to time. Check the oil levels and the oil condition. If it’s dirty, replace it. Top up water regularly to keep the cooler working well. Don’t forget to check and top up the windscreen washer bottle too.

Service the car at the mechanics on a regular basis

Unless you’ve bought a brand-new car, you’ll need to take it to the mechanics immediately before you seal the deal with the seller. If everything is okay for you to buy it, service it after purchase. After that, take the car to the mechanics after every 10,000 miles that you drive. That’s how long it takes for some of the parts to wear and tear or clog. Don’t wait for the warning lights to start blinking, but service your vehicle regularly. Take it to yearly inspections for safe journeys.

Inspect the car by yourself

You can perform some of the routine checks on your own. If you drive the car regularly, perform routine check-ups every two weeks. These include fuel, oil, tyres and wiper blades inspection. Take a look at the coolant, brakes, electrics and screen wash to be sure everything is topped up and working properly. Don’t drive if your tank is about to be empty but top it up at the nearest gas station. Check all the lights are functioning and inspect the entirety of the interior and exterior.

Final thoughts

Driving a perfectly functional car is imperative. A malfunctioning vehicle can be hazardous for you and other drivers on the road. Therefore, make sure your car is always in good condition and do your best to keep it that Wy. With our handy tips, you’ll prolong the life of your vehicle and enjoy many years of carefree trips.