The need for a dating app like Tinder

dating app like Tinder

It was a long-gone era where traditionally people met those who are special at some venues like shopping malls or parks or cafes. But with the advent of many dating apps, people have embraced online dating.

This online dating platform is the best way to find their special partners without any disturbance in their professional life.

This article will explain how to develop an app like Tinder and how useful it is for the dating world.

So, the first question that arises is why you should have a Tinder clone app developed. The main reasons are that online dating is a lucrative business and its quite cost-effective to develop such a dating app. What’s more? Online partner search is the buzz in the digital domain at present.

The essential features present in a Tinder clone should include the following namely:

 Registration via social media platforms

 Swipe to like or dislike

 Push Notifications

 Virtual Geo-Location

 Age-based Matches

 Gender Interest

 Discovery Settings

 Voice Chatting


 Social Shares

Advanced Features in the Tinder clone app should include the following, namely:

 Super like

 Smart Photos

 Undoing dislikes

 Points based system

 Reject Profiles

 Chatting with matched profile users

 Limitless right swipes

 In-App purchases

Business Model of a Tinder clone app

Statistics reveal that people spend roughly 90 minutes a day on apps like Tinder. Now the question that arises is how does it generate so much revenue. As it is a free app, people can use its typical features, and then they will have to pay some fixed amount to use the premium features. In this case, all the features can be accessed, and there is no advertisement disturbance at all. The fixed fee also ensures the fact that the user’s profile is boosted to the highest visibility. Furthermore, for premium users, there are unlimited swipes as well.

Another source of revenue is through branding and marketing. However, ascertain that you don’t bombard your users with too many advertisements. Gift options are also a revenue-generating source.

Advantages of Dating Apps:

  • Like-minded people with similar interests and likes are brought together.
  • The most widely targeted age demographics comes between the ages of 18 to 30. With the knowledge regarding their preferences and likes, it is effective to streamline the branding activities.
  • Furthermore, this is an excellent platform when it comes to business optimization and product branding. You can enhance your company’s digital presence by leaps and bounds.
  • Flawless and coherent communication is done across the world, thanks to these dating apps. With the help of these apps, one can chat with the other to reveal his/her emotions. This can help to tell if the other person is indeed the soul mate for them.
  • Confidence of users and their public image is enhanced tenfold.


Should you contemplate to compete with the likes of Tinder and other dominant dating apps with the power of a Tinder clone get in touch with Tinderboxsolutions. Our team will develop you a cost-effective yet innovative dating mobile app that is superior to the mighty Tinder itself.

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