Servicing your car is very important for the smooth functioning, longevity, and overall performance of the car. A proper car service includes many inspections on different aspects of the engine, fluid level, brakes and other necessary parts. 

Now coming to talk about why regular car service is essential, it is mainly for the safety purpose of you and your car. This guarantees that your vehicle will not fail you when you need it most. Do you really want your vehicle to break down in the middle of nowhere? Regular service and maintenance ensures that your vehicle is in top driving condition, giving you piece of mind in terms of safety.

Some Of The Important Check Points For The Servicing Of Your Car

Status Of Oil & Coolant

It’s important to check on the oil and coolant levels of your vehicle as in case of any deficiency, the engine might also get affected.

Functioning Of Air Filter 

The air filter is responsible for keeping the debris, particulate, and other harmful elements away from your engine. This can also increase the fuel efficiency level. Therefore, checking the air filter is one of the basic checks in a car service.

Brake Function

There are multiple checks done regarding the overall functioning of your car brakes. During a car service, experts would check whether the brake pad thickness level is as per the requirement for both front and rear. There would also be a check to understand if there any leaks or damage in there. 

Generally, the brake system involves a hydraulic circuit that needs an inspection regarding the fluid level to avoid any potential bigger issue. If required, there might be a replacement of fluid as well. 


During the car service process, the condition of the battery is also checked to ensure no cables are damaged or there is no loose connection. Additionally, it’s important to be sure that there is no crack on the casing as well.

Condition Of The Tyre

The modes of your car’s movement are no less important. Therefore, during any car service it’s a must to check the tire tread and pressure level to avoid unnecessary hassles on the road. 

Functioning Of Power Steering & Exhaust Pipe

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These are two important aspects of your car’s overall health. During a car service, the mechanics would check if the required fluid level for the power steering is there. Additionally, suppose there is any issue with the exhaust system. In that case, it might create some trouble for the engine as there might be high chances of the fumes entering the cabin of the vehicle. Therefore, both the factors are taken care of.

Checks On Gearbox And Transmission

During the process, there would be an inspection to ensure no leaks or issues with the gearbox and transmission. Irrespective of the type of gears, there would be a requirement of oil for cooling & lubrication. Hence, it’s important to keep a tab on the health of these elements.


Properly functioning of lights is one of the prerequisites to meet the on-road regulations of any authority or government. Therefore, brake lights, head lights, and even the indicators are checked properly during any car service. If required, the experts might also realign the lights to avoid low-light vision or any other issue.

Steering System Functioning 

It is one of the most important factors in car service as the wheels are connected with the steering rack through many rods. There are track-rod ends that are like movable joints. Hence, it’s a must to ensure these are properly positioned to avoid any mishap or unnecessary trouble. 

Apart from the above-mentioned aspects, various other elements get thoroughly checked during a car service. These would include a windscreen wiper, washer fluid, Horn, warning lamps, different engine components, coolant level, and so on. 

Final Words 

In a nutshell, you car is one of your assets and to value it you must opt for regular car service. Regular servicing would help you keep your vehicle efficient and help you get a better resale value alongside additional advantages in regards to the insurance claims if there is any mishap. 

 Therefore, regular maintenance is critical to the health of your vehicle. When you give your vehicle a regular car service, both you and your car can reap various advantages, and ultimately, at the end of the day, you get a pleasant driving experience.

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