Using TikTok To Grow Your Business: 31 Unique TikTok Video Ideas That Work

tiktok video ideas

If you are an entrepreneur and planning to grow your business, then TikTok is an excellent platform for business promotions. Let’s see the fantastic ideas for your videos on TikTok to reach your business at the top level.

TikTok Video Idea #1: Make An Intro TikTok Video

If you need to become popular on TikTok, you want to introduce yourself to others. Introduce yourself in the introduction video, and say a few about your brand or business. You can also add fun things about you and the struggles you faced to come to this place.

TikTok Video Idea #2 : Post Behind The Scenes Content

Be sure to cover the behind the scenes of the work station. Many would love to see product creation. If you are related to a service-based business, do a glimpse video that conveys the customer.

TikTok Video Idea #3: Share Your One Day

You can share the full day with your business to create engagement with your followers. It tends the viewer to know what the owner of a small business will be facing. You can shoot your product sketches, phone calls, or design new products. Upload it with relevant hashtags.

TikTok Video Idea #4: Share TikTok Success Stories

Excess of brands has success TikTok stories. You want to share your success using TikTok. Select the big brand as your competitor and start engaging in it. Make stunning videos on your achievements and choose the relevant hashtags to your achievement videos. You can use the hashtags for your achievement videos like #successstories, #learnfromme, etc.

TikTok Video Idea #5 :Team Introduction

You can share the videos on TikTok to your audience showing your team members who help you in the small business. And also do videos on how family supports you to run the small business. Add relevant captions and hashtags for your videos.

TikTok Video Idea #6 :Establish Your Business Name

Share your business name selection video to your audience, and how you came across the business name. Many people do not know about the business name. So you can film a video saying about your business type and its backbones. Also, you can place relevant hashtags to it.

TikTok Video Idea #7: Encourage User Interaction

You want to involve and combine with the users and engage in the content if you need to become an Influencer marketer on social media. It will be more connected if you use the hashtags for it.

TikTok Video Idea #8: Add Creative Elements To Your Content

The primary thing you need to do is create unique and engaging content. Posting the right and high-quality content helps acquire TikTok views quicker and make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. It dramatically boosts and sustains engagement from your target audience.

TikTok Video Idea #9: Host Hashtag Challenges

The hashtag is an essential feature in the TikTok community. Many challenges are recreating it. You can get more reach if you use the right hashtag challenge on TikTok. TikTok proved itself as the best for Influencer marketing.

TikTok Video Idea #10 Advertisements on TikTok

There are various types of advertisements on TikTok. A few are:

Infeed Native Ads: These ads support the app download links and website clicks like any other social media platform.

Brand Takeover: These ads mostly cover the user’s attention. You can add videos, gifs, images to the ad with respective hashtags to land on respective pages.

Hashtag Challenges: Create a video with a hashtag challenge and ask your viewers to participate in the campaign to bring more engagements.

TikTok Video Idea #11: Inspirational Videos

TikTok contains more Inspirational videos that go well on the platform. Show your audience what inspired you more as an owner of a small business.

TikTok Video Idea #12: Post Product Displays

Create store videos if you have an outlet and have huge products. You want to film a video that needs to quickly get a viewer to your content, whether it’s a clothing store or departmental store.

TikTok Video Idea #13: Post Customer Feedback As Video

You can ask the videos about your service from users if you are a service-based business. Users can make use of the hashtags relevant to it. It helps to gain a more new audience, and also it helps in increasing business sales.

TikTok Video Idea #14: Sale Announcement

Who hates the discount? Offer some discounts for your product prices and publish it on your websites. Upload a video about the product discount on the TikTok platform.

TikTok Video Idea #15:Product Demos

Create a product video to know the product details and its active type. Suppose if you have any products which involve learning tricks, it helps the users for better understanding.

TikTok Video Idea #16: Tell About Your Journey

Entrepreneurs should overcome many hurdles to build their small businesses. And it is not easy for them. Make a fantastic video on how you crossed all the hurdles in your business and how you grew in it. It motivates the many users on TikTok to overcome negatives in their jobs.

TikTok Video Idea #17: Analyze Your Mistakes

It is a very common thing that people can make mistakes in the researching and analyzing process. So you want to create an exact video that attracts the viewers to your business.

TikTok Video Idea #18: Share What You Knew

TikTok is the perfect place to help small businesses, so you need to make a high definition video to upload it on social media.

TikTok Video Idea #19: Gift The promo Code

Many say that using TikTok; you won’t get any ROI. Many people prefer online shopping, so it is simple to gain sales using TikTok. Give your TikTok viewers to use the promo code to claim your product discounts.

TikTok Video Idea #20: Study The Photoshoot Skills

You want to grab the photoshoot skills if you need to reach your business high. Take more attractive photos of your products and services.

TikTok Video Idea #21: Shout-out

Support the other business owners as an owner of a small business. In return, ask them to do a shout-out for your small business. It helps in growing your small business most quickly.

TikTok Video Idea #22: Join Hands With Influencers

To gain a target audience, you should work with influencers on TikTok. You want to select the best influencer who brings more customers to your business.

TikTok Video Idea #23 :Understand The Platform

First, you need to understand the TikTok platform better. Afterward, you can make decisions about the promotions on the platform. TikTok takes you to the For You page that contains trending videos and top creators videos.

TikTok Video Idea #24: Giveaway

You can start a TikTok giveaway like other social media platforms that increase the TikTok likes for your videos.

TikTok Video Idea #25: Spread The Word About Your Small Business

Film videos about supporting the small business and share awareness about it. And also spread the exact reasons for shopping with small entrepreneurs.

TikTok Video Idea #26 Make Satisfying Videos

All the people love to watch exciting videos in their feeds. For example, if you run a hotel, make videos about delicious foods and share it on TikTok. It tempts the viewers to reach you more.

TikTok Video Idea #27: Business Tactics

Most influencers on social media will use the tactics about life hacks, which brings them the most engagement. Also, you can share the business tricks for making your videos on TikTok more engaged.

TikTok Video Idea #28: Make Content Fun

Film videos that are more creative and funny. It is easy to work and a less expensive way to do it.

TikTok Video Idea #29: Make DIY Videos

There are vast DIY videos available on TikTok. You can create videos that are relevant to your business and upload it on social media networks.

TikTok Video Idea #30:Product Posting

You can upload the products with the details on TikTok. And also upload high-quality product pictures.

TikTok Video Idea #31: Show Gratitude

It is better to thank all the followers and viewers at the end of every video that helped your small business needs website reach high.

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