If you want to be successful on social media, you must be able to move with this rapidly changing online world. Now that the TikTok platform with more than a million users is taking on an increasingly prominent role in business, as an entrepreneur you simply can no longer ignore this platform. Are you curious about how you can use TikTok for business? Then read on!

What is TikTok?

Are you older than 20? Then there is a chance that you do not know exactly what is happening on TikTok. The app is mainly used among young people between the ages of 10 and 20. So for everyone who was born in the last century let’s first explain what TikTok is exactly.

TikTok is a social media platform on which very short videos are posted. The makers do dances or skits, give tips, or participate in crazy challenges Because TikTok is mainly known among young people between the ages of 10 and 20, TikTok can be attractive to companies that mainly target young people. You can get more likes on tiktok for your better experience and you will get more traffic. Buy Tiktok Likes Malaysia is the best strategy to get more likes for your account.

How can you use TikTok for your business?

Before you start with TikTok, it is good to first see if this social media platform suits your company. Is your target audience active on TikTok at all? If so, then you need to research what your target audience would like to see. Do they like handy  life hacks  or do they just want to see fun DIY’s or How-to videos? Process fun ideas about your products and/or services and present them to your target audience in the form of creative TikTok videos. Stay informed of all topics and challenges that are going around on TikTok, so that you are always current and innovative. 


1. Create a pro account

If you’ve decided that TikTok is a valuable addition to your marketing strategy, you can start by creating a TikTok account. You can then convert your account to a pro account for free , giving you access to extensive statistics. With a pro account you can see how often your videos are watched, how many followers and profile views you have and which videos are the most trending. In addition, you can see the gender and location of your followers, which is of course super useful for your target group analysis . 

2. Connect Tiktok to all your other social media platforms

Do you already use other social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook? Then it is useful to link these accounts to your TikTok account . If you have linked your other social media accounts to TikTok, there is a greater chance that people will also follow your other accounts via TikTok. In addition, you can also post videos made with TikTok on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. 

3. Create interesting and fun content

Now that your TikTok account has been created and linked to your other social media accounts, you can get started with content marketing for TikTok. Short videos are posted on TikTok, which are mainly viewed on someone’s smartphone. TikTok is about catchy visual material that tells a story that is supported by music. By making interesting content you will get more views on your videos. Buy Tiktok Views Malaysia will help you for getting more views on your content and it’s the best strategy.

4. Participate in challenges

TikTok is a platform on which many challenges are performed and viewed. These challenges are posted with popular hashtags, so if you want to create more reach, it can be useful to participate in these challenges. By adding the hashtags, your video ends up in the algorithm of popular videos and that means: more views! In addition, it is of course also just super fun to participate in these challenges or to come up with one yourself.

5. Use Popular Hashtags

Speaking of hashtags, it’s important to mention that hashtags are an essential part of TikTok. TikTok provides insight into trending hashtags, so you know which topics are currently popular.  You can significantly increase your reach via the hashtags. The TikTok ‘For you’ page is the first page that appears when you open the app. Here the TikTok user is shown various videos of people he does not (yet) follow, but are recommended based on his viewing history and algorithm. With the hashtags #foryou #foryoupage #fyp #voorjou #voorjoupagina companies can try to get their videos to this page and increase the number of views of the video faster.

6. Place ads

It has recently become possible to advertise on TikTok . That is of course very attractive for companies. These ads also appear on the ‘For you’ page of TikTok users. You can best compare the ad with Instagram Story ads that take up the entire screen. You can link these ads to a web page, but the targeting options are still insufficient. For example, you can only indicate the location and age of the target group. However, this can also yield a lot from a marketing point of view.

7. Collaborate with influencers

If you don’t feel like making TikTok videos yourself, you can use influencers . Influencers know better than anyone what’s going on on TikTok and are full of creative ideas for your TikTok strategy. As a company it is sometimes difficult to keep up with funny or popular videos among young people and that is why influencers are ideally suited to take on this task. The more popular the influencer is, the higher the price will be, but in terms of reach it will certainly give you a lot. Many influencers are active on TikTok, so there is plenty on offer for a fun collaboration.2Bfound on TikTok!

We hear you think: ‘Nice of you to tell me that I should use TikTok for my company, but are you actually on TikTok yourself?’ The answer is: yes! For a few months now, we have been sharing our knowledge about online marketing in TikToks, participating in challenges and making sketches about recognizable situations in office life. Became curious? 

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