Should you follow the Thumbtack business model?

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The Thumbtack app has been a welcome refresher in the way business is being done in the service sector. While search engines like Google have been able to provide an answer for every question that users have had in the past, a personalized search engine to put a user in contact with a Service provider is absolutely fantastic.

One has to admit, though, that this sort of an on demand concept of work where in people would actually be able to connect with different service providers instantly was brought into the market with the advent of Uber.

thumbtack clone

Uber was unique in every way. It would allow people to simply click a few buttons and get access to any taxi that was in and around their area. Using similar algorithms, apps like TaskRabbit too entered the market. However, Thumbtack is different.

How so?

The basic principal of money making for most of these apps is that they make money by charging a small commission each time the app is used to book a service. For example, when someone uses a service provider on demand application to hire someone the application owner charges a commission. So, if you were to open the app and hire an electrician who charges 10 USD, the electrician will pay 1 USD from that amount to the application owner.

However, the Thumbtack model is much different. Here, the Service Providers just pay an initial amount to contact the Users. The App itself does not charge any commission on the services that are hired. The app also doesn’t charge anything if the Service provider continues to offer more services to the same user in future.

Which business model is most suitable for you?

While Thumbtack has done exceedingly well, it is also observed that you have a much higher chance of earning if you charge a commission per job. So, essentially when you get your own Service provider on demand application, you have to make sure that it gives you the freedom to make money per booking.

Although, if it seems appropriate to you, you can definitely go for the same method as the Thumbtack business, however, the most popular method across the globe that has proven to be successful is the one that takes a commission per task.

Get your own Thumbtack Clone Script

In case you have been planning to build your own Thumbtack Clone app, you might want to check out the thumbtack clone scripts that are already available in the market. Owing to its popularity, there are quite a few companies that are building these apps for global customers.

However, beware of “FREE Thumbtack Clone script” promotions. These apps are essentially trial and error scripts. They are not professional and will definitely not allow you to make money on them. Always go for a company that has experience in building and selling such apps for a global audience.

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