Three simple ways to make your smartphone smarter

smartphone smarter

Long gone are the days when phones were only used for calls or messages. Now you can listen to your favourite music, play games, watch movies, take photos, browse new websites, create videos and do many things that were once a dream. But do you know you can do a lot more than this. 

Yes, your smartphone can be more smart and swift. There are few accessories and changes through which you may advance your Android device and make it to a top notch gadget. 

Stick to this post! Here, after extensive research and expert guidance, we have picked the three most amazing apps through which you may transform your android device and take it to the next level.  The best thing about these three features is that these come in handy without consuming your time and money. 

Three Simple Ways to Fully Utilize Your Smartphone

Here are the three best android apps that may make your smart more productive and make the little things of our lives a way easier than it is now. The three extensive features or apps ensure that your phone gets better and you stay more efficient and productive with new technological trends. So, let’s take a quick glance. 

1.Smart Search- Google Assistant 

Developed by Google, this unique new app offers you a personal assistant whenever and wherever you need.  It allows you to command your phone, do voice search and pull up the cards of restaurants, websites and everything that matters to you. 

Based on your recent searches and previous moments, Google assistant serves news, sports, weather and many other information in real time. It may manage your calendar, play your favourite music and even share the route and traffic information when you are about to leave from the office to home. 

To activate it in your smartphone, you just need to hold the “Home” Button or use a voice command saying. “Hey Google”. It then parses the text content for keywords and other information, generating cards that display related information or suggestions. To access the information you map tap on any of the cards and read about it. 

2. Smart Cleaning and Optimization- Advanced Phone Cleaner 

Optimizing your device speed and making it clean and safe is an important step to advance your phone. But what makes it more smart is when you need not to identify or worry about cleaning cache and detecting malware. 

Using Advanced Phone Cleaner you may boost your phone speed and optimize battery performance. Once enabled, Auto- Malware scan mode automatically detects the threats in your phone and offers one tap solution. Similarly, the moment the android cleaner find your phone running slow, it informs you about the reasons and shares options such as Clean Junk, CPU cooling, remove duplicate photos etc. 

Moreover, the phone cleaner app gives you the option to manage notifications and manage your apps, files, folders and media files. Just download the app and you will get a perfect solution to optimize your smartphone. 

3. Smarter Health Tracking- Lark 

There is nothing better than having a live health tracker that may eep a check on your health and manage your fitness goals. Lark health app helps you to track your diet, exercise, sleep, medication and weight. It texts you advice and suggestions for improvement and provides good management of chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension etc. 

This health app gives you a smart way to handle your fitness goals and helps you to formulate your personalized health plan, get weight loss coaching and nutrition ideas. In case you forget any of your medication, then the app reminds you of medical appointments and taking medicines on time. 

The diabetes prevention program, hypertension program and weight less features are premium and excellent additions to your smartphones through which you may control over the health issues and get proper and expertise help in regards to your health. 

Hopefully, now you know now how to make your smartphone more productive and efficient. These aforementioned apps are happy addition to your mobile android apps list which are essential for your Android devices and have to be tried out. So, try these android apps now and bring the change into your life and the way you use your smartphone. 

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