10 Thoughtful Diwali Gift Ideas For Kids

diwali gits for kids
diwali gits for kids

Kiddo adores anything that’s gift-wrapped, and staring at that smile is so precious! This simplicity doesn’t understand the value of the gift or brand. All that means to these lil’ ones is ‘GIFT’. Diwali is around here, and you must be already making a list of the most considerable Diwali gifts for kids. Chocolates are the famous Diwali gift idea but let’s consider something beneficial for them. Hence we have made a list of online Diwali gifting ideas for kids that are helpful for girls and boys. You can order Diwali gifts for kids sitting at the house.

Pull it Along

You know how small children are… they like holding their beloved toys and other things with them all the time. This well-sized wagon available on various online portals is ready to be taken everywhere they go – from moving within the home to taking it to the playground or the beach. The handle folds into the wagon for easy storage and comfortable travel.


Kids usually love dressing up for Diwali and look ahead to wearing new clothes on this favourable occasion. Traditional attire is ideal for Diwali. You can pick from various fashion styles like the kurta pyjama collection, kurta with a jacket for boys & lehenga cholis, ruffle clothes for girls. You can get a combination of traditional and fashionable clothes for boys & girls online and search the vast discount offers at various shopping hubs.

Building Block Set

Gift your kids building blocks that they can transform into a beautiful home. Tap the architect in your kid and see the creative ideas they stack and make the blocks. This can be a fruitful pass time for your children instead of making them stare at the screen to play video games. Find a building block set online that is the Diwali gifts in Delhi for kids.

Piggy Bank

Piggybank can be an excellent option as a Diwali gift for kids as it will motivate them to save money & patiently wait to get its benefits. This is the best way to show your lil one about finances. Make sure to choose something in an appealing print, or you can even think about buying customized piggy banks. Put a checklist inside this gift of “How to save money”.

Beach Fun at home

The kiddo’s mom will appreciate you for this one! This sandy clay kit available at Shoppers Stop takes the joy of making sandcastles indoors without any confusion but with masses of fun! It’s non-toxic and comes with four cores and a collection of colourful characters.

Sweets Gift Hamper

Sweets – especially chocolates – are the best Diwali gift for children because children and chocolates go hand in hand! You can make a chocolate gift hamper and load it with various goodies like chocolate-covered cookies, chocolate candy, milk chocolate bars, toffee caramels, darkish chocolate pretzels, darkish chocolate bars, etc. Watch your kid’s eyes brighten up at the scene of this bag of treats. You can also guide him on the concept of presenting and sharing at this festival.

Stamp It

This Diwali gift for children is not only exciting but also helps your child to learn. Your children can learn about animals, fruits and vegetables pleasantly. The plenty of things they can stamp on is countless. Some of them carry pencil stands, calendars, bookmarks and many more. Your kid can also weave a jungle story by marking different animals on a piece of paper. The Stamp It set also has colour pencils aside from stamps, a stamp pad & a stamp holder.

Personalized Gifts For Kids

Kiddo admires her name on anything, be it a timer, bed sheet, toys, clothes, lunch box and many more. You, too, can Amaze your little stars with personalized gifts for children as per their personal preference. You can also personalize these Diwali gifts with your child’s initials or name to make a unique gift for children.

Cushion Comfort

Kids admire things they can call their own. How about gifting a cushion with a beautiful cushion cover that has a photo of their beloved cartoon character? Winnie the Pooh is presumably one character that has gained millions of hearts with its cuteness. Check this beautiful cushion cover that you can choose to give to the little one.


The children of this generation are well familiarised with gadgets. If your child likes gadgets, he will like getting them as a Diwali gift even more. Gadgets like a smartwatch, pupil toy laptop, or an intelligent knowledge tablet make for practical Diwali gifts as they can keep your kid happy and occupied for hours. You can browse through the incredible range of gadgets available online. These can be an excellent learning tool as well as help in improving your kid’s motor skills.

These are some Diwali gifts ideas for kids. Get prepped to present your kids with something that will amaze them perfectly!

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