This app keeps your loved ones safe with the click of a button with proper aid at time

personal alarm

An elderly alarm device that monitors an elderly person’s personal emergency and home alarm systems, which is designed for people with health problems or conditions who wish to live at home. Assisted living facilities and family members do not need to relocate due to wireless two-way personal alarmsystems that interact with older adults. In addition to providing emergency alarm systems, a company may also describe its main service as providing them. Emergency panic pendants feature an emergency personal alarm system with a short range and 24/7 operator support. An operator is available 24/7 through a waterproof button on the wristband or necklace that connects to a speaker.

Falling is one of the most common problems among the elderly today. Having an elderly alarm device can prevent someone over 65 from falling more than once, as they are at greater risk of falling. Both hip and head injuries can be severely debilitating after a fall. Helplessness can lead to serious complications if left unattended for hours or days. Dehydration, hypothermia, pressure ulcers, muscle breakdown, kidney failure, and even death are among these effects. Additionally, we offer elderly alarms that can serve as emergency support devices.

We can observe that as we grow older, we tend to forget things that may cause problems in our daily lives. While seniors may decide to move into an assisted living facility or live with family members, a panic pendant allows them to remain at home independently. This, in turn, provides peace of mind to families and caregivers. The round-the-clock emergency alert system for monitoring offered by one of the pioneers in home security, helps give peace of mind to children and loved ones.

You may face challenges such as domestic violence. Adults (16 to 59 years old) reported 1.9 million domestic abuse incidents in the year ending March 2017. Men were responsible for 713,000 incidents, while women were responsible for 1.2 million.

Crimes committed at home accounted for 46 percent of all crimes; violent crimes accounted for 32 percent. For every 100 crimes involving domestic violence, 39 police forces made 46 arrests. Each domestic abuse crime leads to 46 arrests. Our emergency alert system is available 24 hours     a day, 7 days a week.

Think about an emergency situation in which you face a telephone outage while a fire breaks out in your home or you are ill and need medical attention immediately. When there is no telephone, you cannot call for assistance. Press SOS to get help. Help will be on the way immediately if you press yourpersonal alarm for seniors. It is our right to live another day. The moment when your end responds with a smile and a blessing is what we eagerly await through a personal alarm for seniors.

Ninety-seven percent of all calls are answered within sixty seconds (our lines are always open), and your loved one can communicate directly with the operator through a two-way speaker in the base unit. If this isn’t possible, we can still assist. Using elder alarm devices, we are able to provide help within 30 minutes by identifying family, friends, neighbors, or voluntary organizations who can provide immediate assistance.

We can also provide emergency services as needed. With the Doctor Alert Wearable V1, you can call for help more easily thanks to the personal alarm system. You can instantly access our 5-Star Urgent Response service if you have any kind of emergency with the Lively app on your smartphone. Thanks to its sleek design, you won’t even notice that you’re wearing it. Lively’s 5-Star Urgent Response service is instantly accessible with the Lively app. Its sleek design makes it unnoticeable when wearing one. Among its features for seniors is Doctor Alert Wearable V1, which offers 24/7 surveillance, fall detection, two-way communication, geographic fencing, and a 1-year warranty.

The Doctor Alert Wearable V1 is a medical alarm for seniorsthat is available 24 hours a day in emergency and non-emergency situations. By installing the Lively app on your smartphone, you can get help for medical emergencies, if you’ve locked yourself out, or if your car is giving you trouble. This is how medical alarms for seniors  works:

  • Press the Doctor Alert smart wearable SOS button to contact our 24/7 monitoring team. Our operators are highly trained to help you with any issue you may have.
  • As soon as an emergency arises, our operator will locate your location using the GPS inbuilt in the phone and remain on the line for the duration.
  • We will make sure that a paramedic is dispatched to your location, whether you require medical help or non-medical assistance.