5 Things You Can Do With Your Broken Phone


Your broken phone is never trash and can be useful in different ways. Rather than throwing it away, you can use it significantly. There are many ideas to use the broken phone because the parts are still valuable and effective. The complete phone can be recycled and used in many ways by adding a transformation touch. For example, the recycle phone screen can be used for different purposes. Rather than prefer to sell damaged phone, you can recycle them for various purposes. Here are the ideas to implement with your broken phone.

Recycling It Into A Wallet

Your old phone can become the coolest wallet by applying some tricks. The process is completely simple, and you just have to remove all the parts inside the phone and make it empty. All you need now is the outer case. This method is good to apply on keypad-based models. These phones can be good wallets. The android and iphone models can also be recycled into wallets.

Transform Into Security Camera

Your old phones can become good security cameras. Before planning to sell damaged phone, you can transform it for relevant usage like a camera. Instead of investing in these cameras, you can transform your phone into a security cam. It can even work brilliantly and is easy to operate. You can manually set the operating system for this process, or if your phone is still functioning, you can install camera apps. When you are looking for reusing the non-smart phones with Wi-Fi, you just have to set up the things manually. You can have a complete guide to set it up as a home security network as it connects to the home Wi-Fi. 

Converted Into Portable Gaming Device

Suppose you have an old android phone with an expandable memory card slot or a lot of unused internal memory. You can simply change it into a gaming device for the kids. This is the best idea to reuse your old smart phone, and the kids will even love it. This is also a cheaper option than buying a PlayStation Portable.

Using It As A Remote Control

This is even the most popular way for reusing an old smart phone. Whether the Android or IOS is working or not working, it can be used to control anything in your smart home. But the first thing you need to check is that your Android phone consists of an infrared (IR) blaster. Through this, it can be let the phone can be connected to appliances like TVs, air conditioners, and other devices, which usually requires a remote control for operating. If your phone doesn’t have an IR blaster, you can add a remote add IR connection to it. You can install an IR blaster on the phone through a third-party accessory. The IR blaster can be connected to your phone over Wi-Fi. 

Fix-It In your Car Permanently For Different Uses

Most people overlook the simplest use of an old smart phone. When you permanently fix it inside your car, it can be great usage. Install a phone holder near the driving place and fix your phone. It can constantly show you the live map when the battery and data on GPS are working. You don’t have to invest a ridiculous amount of money for a car stereo with Bluetooth or internet radio. Just add Bluetooth speakers and play music from your old fixed phone. You can recycle phone screen and use it for a better map view. These are the five best usages for your old phone. It can go through the recycling process and can transform into useful things. For more ideas related to recycling the old broken phones, contact LCD Buyer. https://lcdbuyer.co.uk/