Things to know before Joining Defense services?

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Every year Defense exams are conducted and candidates join the training academies. At times, we see some candidates leaving the training as they do not find themselves fit for the job. It happens with those candidates who are not aware of the things regulated in the training. Aspirants should know what they should expect from the defense services and what is expected from you while in the service. Let us discuss some significant things that one must know before joining Defense services. 

Things to know before Joining Defense services

Let us highlight some important things that every successful candidate should know before joining the Defense service. Keep yourself updated and aware of these things before you feel out of place in the job. Besides taking coaching at the Best AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh or best NDA coaching in Chandigarh or best CDS coaching in Chandigarh, aspirants have to keep them physically and mentally fit to face the challenges hidden in the defense services. 

Always stay fit and tight

Defense services are a smooth ride for those who are in the habit of doing regular exercise. You should be physically and mentally fit. In case you do not have enough stamina to resist the physical training of the academy then you may be expelled from it. Therefore you should take good care of your physical health and stay fit. One should maintain weight according to the parameters set by the authorities. 

Be prepared to do any tedious work

.During the training, program cadets need to clean the barracks, sweep the floor, practicing shoot rounds, cleaning the bathroom, jumping from the top, etc. One should be mentally prepared to take up these jobs. Do not ignore any of these jobs while preparing for the exam. Involve yourself in odd and daring jobs to prepare your mind and body to face any tedious situation with courage.

Learn to obey your seniors

You are expected to listen to the orders of your seniors than to do regular work. Your job depends upon the needs of your regiment or unit and the commands of your seniors. Even if you want to do a particular task but it is not the need of the unit then you have to resist till it comes to you. 

Practice to be disciplined

Discipline is the ultimate foundation in the Defense services. Set your boundaries in your lifestyle so that you can maintain discipline at all times. The basic training of defense services involves restricted things. These can be accomplished if you are in the habit of living a disciplined life. The candidates who are not able to follow the discipline are not able to adjust in the services for a long.

Cadets cannot Quit:

Once you have joined the Defense services, you cannot quit. If a cadet has signed the contract and taken the subsequent oat in the passing out parade then he cannot quit. It is not a child’s play to come and go as and when you feel like. Government funds are invested on every cadet to mold them to be a warrior. Therefore you are not allowed to quit after the formal joining before the superannuation. 

Learn to live without the family

One should learn to live away from the family because you have to be at the war front always. Now you are the government’s property to safeguard the country. You are projected to stay away from the family during training and postings during the year. Although the military allots you accommodation for your family yet one cannot stay with them every time. The duty asks you to leave your family and take the work on priority which is away from home. 

Frequent transfers 

The Army has an inconsistent amount of bases stretched all over India. You may be transferred anytime and anywhere in the country. The family of the cadets will be taken due care yet it is a protocol and one has to take the command. After being commissioned, one can be posted anywhere after the completion of one year. The first year of the cadet is scheduled for the border. After that, the cadets are transferred according to the need of the area.

Be Daring and Brave 

Don’t have any death fear in mind, as you may die while fighting for the nation at the borders. If you are deputed at the border and encounter an enemy from another country, he might kill you. You may be ordered to shoot at sight the enemy at borders and you will have to fulfill the command. In this process one can lose a life, therefore be brave, bold, and daring to face such situations. 

Hope the defense aspirants will get enough awareness of the things they need to monitor before joining the services. These things are not taught in any of the Best AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh or best NDA coaching in Chandigarh or best CDS coaching in Chandigarh. You have to develop your personality and regime to suit the credentials required for the defense services. Monitor your moves before you join the services to have a comfortable ride in the Defense services. 

All the best!!!

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