Things To Keep in Mind Before Choosing an Office Chair

It is possible that you probably spend most of your time on your workstation sitting on your chair. And the studies show that the employees spend almost 7 hours of average sitting on their office chair that makes it almost 2000 hours of sitting per year. That makes it even more important that you should have a comfortable chair with adjustable height so that you can protect yourself from those irritating joint and back pains. This is the way that will eventually increase your productivity rates by investing good in an office chair with high quality. And you can save yourself from the musculoskeletal disorders with which so many office workers are disturbed.

chair with adjustable height

There are several things that you need to consider while choosing an office chair:

  1. Material: The material that used in the making of a chair plays an essential role in providing comfort to your back and neck. In so many years, the manufacturers have started using various materials for making their office chairs much more comfortable and each of them has some unique characteristics.

Some common materials:

  • A genuine leather
  • Fauxy leather
  • Nylon
  • Vinyl
  • Wood and,
  • Plastic
  • Lumbar support: While getting an office chair for yourself, make sure to consider if it offers lumbar support or not. Many people out there thought that back pain can cause only in all the laborious kinds of jobs, such as manufacturing or construction, but these are majorly the office workers who are mostly suffering from MSD. A study shows that almost 700 office workers, which acquires 27% of office employees have been experiencing low back pain each year. If you want to lower the risk of getting those unwanted pains, then make sure to choose an office chair that has lumbar support. Lumbar support involves the padding or cushioning around the bottom of your backrest that will eventually support the lumbar area of your back.
  • Weight capacity: All of the chairs present at the office has a certain capacity of handling weight, which you should keep in mind for the safety of both you and your chair. If your weight is quite more than that of the capacity of your office chair, there will be a possibility that it will break down if comes under stress daily.
  • Casters: It is not important that all the office chairs come with the traditional four legs feature some of the chairs come with the mounted wheels that are called caster wheels. With these wheels, it becomes easy for you to rotate your chair while sitting. And if you have L shaped desk you can rotate your chair in different areas which makes it easy to work this way with comfort.
  • Size: Space is one of the essential commodities in offices as well as at other workplaces. That makes it even more important for you to choose the right size of the chair. If your working area is in the small cubicle area, then there is no need to spend in a luxurious oversized chair. You should go for a small-sized chair that will adjust well in your space and is comfortable to work with. So, it is wise to take the proper measurements of your office space while getting an office chair.
  • Chairs with adjustable height: There is a fixed height of every office chair that usually has a seat-to-floor of height between 17 to 19 inches. This is the way that allows the employees to sit comfortably at the front of the desk at their workstation. But, normally, everyone doesn’t have the same height in the office. Everyone needs to have a chair of their size but it is impossible to give them chairs according to their height. So, you should get a chair with adjustable height.

Conclusion: If you are working in an office it is important to have a comfortable chair to sit on. Because you spend almost half of your day sitting on that chair, it mustn’t give you any backaches. For that, you can visit Amerivend Works where you can get several kind of chairs according to your choice. Here you can get a madeleine chair, adjustable height dining chair, Paris café patio dining chair, and many more.