Cryptocurrencies have sparked a lot of interest and garnered the most attention in the investment industry. People worldwide invest in cryptocurrencies to redefine their financial lives and earn more money. On the other hand, all-digital currency enthusiasts must grasp that nothing worthwhile comes without danger.

 Several tax duties and hurdles are associated with cryptocurrencies, making it a difficult path for beginner traders. As a result, hiring a bitcoin professional accountant can help you save the most money while not breaking any ATO rules. Using the services of a Crypto tax accountant Perth can assist you in staying on track by following the ATO requirements and simplifying the Australian Cryptocurrency tax.

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What exactly is a cryptocurrency?

Encryption makes counterfeiting and double-spending almost impossible with cryptocurrency, a digital or virtual currency. Blockchain is a distributed ledger enforced by a diverse network of computers that supports various cryptocurrencies. Put another way, because there is no central authority in charge of issuing them, they may be resistant to government interference.

Is it a good idea to invest in cryptocurrency?

The volatility and unpredictability of cryptocurrency have some investors eager to accept the risk. It’s crucial to do your homework before deciding whether or not cryptocurrency is good for you.

In order to choose a bitcoin exchange, you should take into account six elements.

1. Authenticity and security:

It’s essential to perform your research and verify that your platform is safe and legitimate. Mt. Gox’s early example and Coincheck’s most recent attack are essential warnings to prospective cryptocurrency investors to investigate the exchange’s security protocol.

Pump-and-dump scams are one of the most severe problems in the bitcoin business today.

The exchanges bear the burden of preventing this type of fraud. And this is where tokens come in handy. The deals should avoid this fraud with the use of tokens.

2. Purchase method:

The process of purchasing cryptocurrency varies from platform to platform. Bank transfers, PayPal, credit and debit cards, and bitcoins are all accepted payment methods for transactions at some exchanges; others exclusively accept bitcoins.

If you do not have any cryptocurrencies before joining an exchange, you must find a platform that accepts fiat currency to participate in the market. It’s also crucial to track how long purchases take to finish. Some media handle transactions almost instantaneously, while others take days or weeks to complete.

3. Tokens Support

Most exchanges support Bitcoin and Ethereum, but cryptocurrency investors are well aware that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Some platforms trade a massive number of altcoins, whereas Coinbase exclusively trades four leading cryptocurrencies.

You can hedge your bets even more with “stable coins,” which are commonly employed by traders to mitigate the volatility of the cryptocurrency markets. Banks directly collateralize a USD-backed cryptocurrency. It uses custodial accounts to provide legal protection and direct banking to token holders, ensuring that the company never has direct access to the cash. The custodian accounts also allow for frequent auditing and provide comprehensive legal protection.

Some platforms provide a single, stable currency across digital exchanges since the US Dollar backs it. Since the SEC subpoenaed Tether, the current USD stable coin, desperately needed a new alternative.

Regardless of your risk tolerance, ensure that the exchange or exchanges you choose to support all of the cryptocurrency tokens you want to buy. It is essential to keep an eye on metrics like 24-hour volume and market cap to see how these exchange rates change and what they mean.

4. A trading platform, a peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange, or a broker:

Before choosing a cryptocurrency exchange, you should understand the three basic types of cryptocurrency exchanges. Binance and Coinbase are two of the most popular trading platforms, and there is also a transaction fee.

P2P exchanges, such as Cointal, bring buyers and sellers together to deal directly, relying on both sides to agree to each transaction. P2P exchanges aid in reducing network congestion and the maintenance of a safe, trustless cryptocurrency trading system.

Cointal is the world’s first multi-currency peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange. “Dealing on a P2P basis helps alleviate any concerns and problems from traditional exchanges,” says Cointal CEO Mohammed Imad.

Cryptocurrency brokers work the same way as FX brokers. These brokers establish the rates for the cryptocurrencies, and customers can acquire them through the site.

5. The cost structure:

Different exchanges have different transaction fees and fee structures, which is essential to consider while picking a cryptocurrency exchange. It may also be related to the number of tickets possessed. Others charge a processing fee on sales and don’t charge for purchases.

6. UX/UI design:

For the ordinary bitcoin investor, the user interface and features are the most important considerations. Whether you are a seasoned cryptocurrency trader or purchasing bitcoin for the first time, an intuitive design and positive user experience help users make more educated and efficient decisions on the exchange. Different people will enjoy other interfaces, and therefore user experience is subjective.

However, the “best” user experience exchanges will witness the most rise in transaction volume in subsequent years. It is important to note that user experience directly correlates to an exchange’s value. Since they offer customers free tokens in exchange for using their trade, Kucoin has achieved this degree of growth.


Cryptocurrency has a bright future because it is rapidly evolving, but you must ensure that safety procedures and methodologies are followed. As previously stated, crypto is enthusiastically welcomed by the entire world. However, at the end of the day, it is considered a currency, and as with other currencies, it is necessary to lodge tax return for crypto as well. Also, keep the preceding points in mind when deciding on a cryptocurrency transaction.

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