3 Things To Consider When Choosing An Area Rug Cleaner

area rug cleaner

A rug is a rug, right? Wrong. Your area rug is so much more than simply a floor covering. In fact, the rug you choose can make or break a room.

Your area rug can be the defining feature of your room, but it can also serve as a neutral backdrop so that the furnishings and accessories you choose stand out. It can even be the centrepiece around which the room is decorated. A rug is a sight to see. It anchors a room, anchors a home. It defines the space. But, as elegant as that rug is, it can get dirty. Sometimes, it gets dirty really fast. Then, cleaning that rug might feel like a monumental task. A rug adds warmth, color, and comfort to your home. An area rug adds beauty and comfort to any room. But like any carpet or upholstered furniture, an area rug needs to be cleaned every so often. However, many area rugs are made of natural materials, like wool, cotton, or silk; and these can be especially hard to clean. (As with many other natural materials, cleaning methods will vary greatly by rug material and manufacturer). It’s often best to let the pros handle the job, but if you’re planning to clean the rug yourself, here are some things to keep in mind:

Here are some of the things you should consider when choosing an area rug cleaner:

1. How quickly can they get the job done?

If you have time, you can clean an area rug yourself. However, if it’s an Oriental rug, it can take several days. Many types of area rugs have intricate patterns, making them extremely time-consuming to clean by hand.

If you have some time to spare, you can clean your area rugs yourself.

2. Do they specialize in cleaning area rugs?

Not all rug cleaners have the experience or equipment needed to handle oriental and specialty rugs. While a regular carpet cleaner might be able to handle your wool or synthetic rugs, Oriental and specialty rugs require specialized cleaning equipment. If you attempt to clean your rug yourself, you could end up doing even more damage by rubbing stain removers into the fabric, or by using too much water.

3. Can they clean my rug safely?

Not all cleaning products are safe for your rug. Some cleaning products are too harsh and can dissolve the fibers in your rug. Others contain chemicals that can discolor the rug.

Pros of hiring a professional

*Professionals know how to spot stains and spot clean them

*Professionals can clean area rugs that other cleaning methods can’t

*Professionals use the correct cleaning methods

*Professionals know which cleaning products to use

Cons of hiring a professional

*You have to find someone in your area and hire them

*You have to schedule and pay for their services

*You have to set up your rugs

Your best course of action is to review your options, compare prices, read reviews and ask questions. Make sure that the rug cleaning company uses safe cleaning methods, such as rug shampooing, rug dry cleaning or rug steam cleaning. The rug cleaning company should offer a guarantee. If the company doesn’t offer a guarantee, then it’s time to look for another rug cleaning company. 

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