5 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Suit Tailor

choosing suit tailor

When we talk about suits for men, fitting plays an important role. A well-fitted suit makes you look incredibly dashing all the time. And most importantly, fitting an outfit doesn’t mean tight; it means a suit made as per your measurements and a clean-cut for an individual.

For a perfectly fitted outfit, you need a professional suit tailor with years of experience on the same. Furthermore, a perfectly fitted suit neither pulls nor sags at the wrong place.

So we have drafted a guide for you to choose the right tailor for your elegant look. Let’s peek behind the curtains!

choosing suit tailor

What Is A Tailor-Made Suit? 

First, we will make you understand about a tailor-made outfit. Usually, a suit designed by a tailor is called a tailor-made suit. These outfits are made specifically for an individual as per their body figure and personality. Moreover, choosing a tailor-made suit minimizes the risk of loose or tight-fitting and other measurement errors.

So, tailor-made suits are designed with the overall style and creative vision of an individual. Choosing it will make it easier for you to hop on your dream outfit.

Points To Remember Before Choosing A Suit Tailor

1. Research 

Choosing a tailor-made suit option means you need to search for everything by yourself. It means right from fabric to color, shoes to tie, and so on. So, start your research!

Choose the cloth type 

The market is full of fabric varieties; you need to discover them. Ensure that you choose a suit that is best for all three seasons. The cloth should be lightweight and comfortable for all weather conditions.

A list of best suit fabrics is given below:

SUPER 120 Wool

  • It is one of the finest wool best for all three seasons
  • The diameter is 17.75 Microns
  • Looks elegant and lightweight 


  • It is made up of hair of Angora goat
  • The fabric is insulating
  • Available in silky luster and is more texturized
  • Furthermore, it is wrinkle-resistant

Worsted Wool

  • It is adaptable for temperature change
  • Common and top quality wool for suits
  • Versatile
  • Slight sheen
  • Available in many solid colors


  • A breathable fabric best for the spring season
  • It has soft and brushed worsted wool
  • Resembles herringbone and tweed
  • You may find a huge collection of weights and colors in it.


Well, choosing a perfect color is one of the most complicated decisions. Try to play safe with colors. 

Solid colors like black, blue, and brown look good on everyone. So if you are a beginner and don’t have any idea of suitable colors, then you can choose any of these solid colors. 

Three-piece or two-piece?

While choosing a fabric, make sure you want a two-piece suit or a three-piece suit? Well, two pieces are cheap, and three-piece suits are a little expensive.  

2. Choose the best tailor

We understand how tricky it is to choose a tailor for your suit. For this, you can start with research and interact with your colleagues, friends, or family members. The suit tailor recommendation will work here. But remember, never trust blindly on suggestions. So, check the Google reviews; positive as well as negative reviews.

Lanter, narrow down your research and make a list of the best suit tailors. Connect with them and speak with the expert. You will get an idea of their price, work, and offers. 

3. Checkout tailoring quality

Check out the quality of the tailor meaning the kind of work they do. It includes stitching quality, button designs, shoulder work, and finishing of suits. You can visit their store to observe their final outcomes.

Start with inspecting samples

Once you visit a custom suit tailor, they will show you their samples. First, check the stitching on the shoulder, neck, sleeves, and edges of the suit. 

Quality of buttons

Then the quality of hooks or buttons also checks sticking thread quality.

Flat and clean 

Now, check whether the samples they are showing are ripple-free, flat, or clean? Also, check to lose stitches, strings, and gaps of the stitching.

4. Measurement tools

A well-fitted outfit has a major element which is called accurate measurement. Without exact measure, a tailor can’t design the best suit for men. So, before paying, check whether the tailor has the right equipment for measuring your body fitting.

You may find digital laser scanners in a tailoring store. These scanners are perfect for measuring your body type and other specifications needed for stitching. Also, if you are giving measurements, make sure to check them by yourself. It minimizes the error chances and provides a perfect body fitting. 

In some places, you will still find an inch-tape for taking measurements. It is because some tailoring stores believe that manual measurement is still better than laser and automatic measurement machines. It might be old-fashioned, but one of the best ways to take measurements. 

5. Check Their Availability and Price 

Now, these are the main concerns when you visit a custom tailor. Check whether the suit tailor has time to stitch your outfit or not. Usually, reputable tailors don’t consider working on less than a one-week deadline. It is because the well-known tailors are pressed for time.

So, make sure to book a tailor in advance so that you will grab the best tailor’s date. Also, tell them the date you want the suit to be ready.

Now, coming to the price, be clear about the money the suit tailor is going to charge. Also, ask the tailor about any hidden charges like recommendation fees, or rework fees, and so on. So, be sure about the price and other charges. 

Final Thoughts 

Now, you have gone through the top 5 important things you need to know before stopping by a tailor. So, you are ready to embark on your aim of getting a perfect suit for a special occasion. We hope this guide has helped you along your journey of finding the right suit tailor in your locality.

Do you have more suggestions? If so, we would be happy to know them. Please share your valuable reviews with us. We would be happy to solve your queries. 

Thank you for reading!