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Mothers day was an unofficial holiday before 1914. Now we celebrate these queens with gifts, cards, mother’s day flowers, and treats. Suppose you study the history of Happy Mother’s Day. You will realize there are exciting facts you never knew about. We have prepared a list so that you don’t waste a lot of time searching. 

Mother’s Day Become Official in 1914

Mothers day is older than 1914, whose idea was born of Julia Ward Howe. It was during the civil war. She thought that people would use the day to protest against the war. Ann Reeves Jarvis came up with a better version of the day. She fought for the day until it gained recognition. Her daughter Anna W. Jarvin took over after her demise. She ensured the day was made national and official. In 1914, president Woodrow Wilson declared the second Sunday of May as the Official Mother’s Day.

Ancient Greek Had a Festival to Honor Mothers

In ancient Greek, people would have spring festivals to honor the mother of the other deities- goddess Rhea. They would also glorify goddess Cybele. She was a symbol of Great Mother Earth and a goddess of fertility. There are a few countries that still observe the ancient events in honor of mothers. 

Mother’s Day Has a Religious Origin in the UK

The UK had a Mothering Sunday back in the 1700s. The day fell on the fourth Sunday of Lent, and people would travel to their native church to attend mass. Children would offer their mothers daffodil, which they got from the church. Also, the British girls would bake fruitcakes for their mothers.

Carnation Flowers Have a Connection with Mother’s Day

Anna W. Jarvis wore Carnation flowers on many occasions. Thus, people embraced them as Mother’s Day flowers. Red and pink carnation are the typical flower gifts. You can use whit carnation to honor your late mother on Mother’s Day. 

A Quarter Annual Flower Sales Happen Around Mother’s Day Holiday

People send flowers on several occasions. But not everyone relates to all occasions. It’s obvious everyone has a mother, whether alive or deceased. Thus, when everyone buys a Mother’s Day flower bouquet, it raises the sales of flowers tenfold. Mother’s Day flower sales estimates to about a quarter of the annual sales. Those are plenty of flowers to sell in a short time. 

France Would Award Mothers of Large Families

France’s population reduced after WW1. The country had a tough task to raise the numbers. Hence, the government would give a medal to any mother with a large family of five children and above. It cheered up women to have many kids to boost the national population. 

Mother’s Day is a Big Holiday in Mexico 

Mexico holds mother’s day on the 10th of May. It is the biggest holiday in the country. Mexicans will book bands many months before the holiday to sing for mothers. They also have traditional songs to honor mothers.

Mother’s Day is in Different Days Each Year

Since Mother’s day happens on the second Sunday of May, it has a different date every year. It is only Mexico that has a fixed date which is the 10th of May each year. 

It’s a Sunday Tradition

People who proposed and founded Mothers day proposed a Sunday. Luckily, the official day was made a Sunday instead of a fixed date. Thus, going to church is one of the common activities on Happy Mother’s Day. 

There are More Phone Calls on Mother’s Day than Any Other Day

Many people live away from their mothers. They can send mother’s day flowers through flower delivery services. But hearing her voice is more fulfilling. Phone traffics more on this day than on any other day. It comes from calling moms and ordering different goods and services through the phone. 

Restaurants are Busiest on Mother’s Day

People use Mother’s day to treat their mothers and mothers to their children. Thus, restaurants have more clients than any other day in a year. Since restaurants know these trends, they make prior preparations to house all people.

Happy Mother’s Day is Heavily Commercialized

After mother’s day was officialized, many people and groups started to commercialize it. It has since maintained the status since people make several purchases and reservations on that day. The activities have made people forget the history behind the holiday. 

Mother’s Day Founder lost Everything Before Her Demise. 

Mothers day took a swift turn after it was made official. Anna W. Jarvis didn’t like the turn of things. She used all her resources to fight for the right celebrations of mother’s day. It is unfortunate that she lost everything and died without making a change. But we thank and celebrate her for fighting for the important day. 

Mother’s Day is Celebrated Around the Globe

Every country around the globe celebrates mother’s day. Some don’t have their history around Mother’s day but depend on other nation’s histories. The day is synced, and all countries celebrate it on the second Sunday of May.


Many flowers qualify as Mother’s Day flowers. Carnations and daffodils are the typical Happy Mother’s Day flower. But there are plenty of other gifts you can offer. Also, ensure you know the facts behind mother’s day to observe the day correctly. 

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