Things You Must Do the Week before Your Wedding

week before wedding

Preparing for a wedding is difficult enough, but the week leading up to the big day is the most stressful of all. So, on the week before the wedding, anxiety levels may be at an all-time high due to possible guest changes, last-minute updates, weather concerns, and so on. However, anxiousness does not have to be a part of your wedding week; it all depends on how well you prepare! To assist all couples in getting ready for the crucial day, here’s a list of the things one must do the week before the wedding.

Get In Touch With Your Wedding Providers to See How They’re Doing

Try sending a brief email to each vendor in the days leading up to your wedding, ensuring that they have everything they want from you. It is also the time to discuss your vendors about any last-minute specifics if you haven’t already:

  • Getting A final headcount and entrée options from your caterer
  • Create escort and place cards with the help of your stationer or calligrapher.
  • Confirm the number of tables and seating layouts with your wedding venue, rental business, caterer, and florist.
  • Setting the timeline for the day with your planner and informing all vendors of their arrival times.
  • With your photographer and videographer, go through the short list and timetable.
  • Confirming the playlist with your band, DJ, and musicians for the ceremony.

If you have wedding planners, they will most likely be in charge of vendor follow-ups, so check with them to ensure everything is running well.

Try-On Your Clothes

You should have all of your outfits ready to go by now, but a “dress rehearsal” a few days before the wedding is a good idea to double-check that everything is in order. If you’re wearing a bridal gown, do a final run-through with your shoes and accessories before the big day. To avoid accidentally harming or ruining the garment, remove your makeup and jewelry first. If possible, enlist the assistance of someone who will be getting ready with you on the morning of the wedding so that they can anticipate any challenging aspects, such as a corset back, sleeves, or a detachable skirt. When you’re done, store your gown and accessories carefully.

Maintain a Minimal Beauty Routine

The week before the wedding isn’t the best time to attempt a new or unusual bridal beauty treatment, but if you stick to the essentials, you should be OK. Facials, dental whitening, waxing, and other beauty treatments should be completed at least a week before the wedding. Even if you’ve had these treatments previously, there’s still the chance of a negative response, which is the last thing you want just before your wedding. Consider scheduling a hot shave and haircut for the groom during the week coming up to the wedding.

Complete the Remaining Information

Are there any last-minute visitors who don’t have seats? Have you received no response from your efficient on the ceremony reading you requested? Make a mental checklist of the entire wedding day and take care of anything that’s not settled. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to ask for help from your event planner, friends, or family members. They’ll most likely be delighted to assist!

Prepare Everything You’ll Need for the Day

If you will get ready in a hotel or the site itself, ensure you have all of your essential wedding day goods packed ahead of time. Some of the items you’ll need are your phone charger, money, and, most crucially, the rings. Make a wedding-day emergency pack containing food, beauty products, tape, and over-the-counter medications. If you aren’t heading home after the celebration, you’ll also need to pack a bag for the wedding night.

Arrange For Final Payments and Tips

Ensuring that all of your suppliers are paid is one of the most crucial jobs you’ll accomplish in the days leading up to your wedding. Review your vendor contracts far ahead of your wedding date to ensure you understand each vendor’s payment schedule—final payments are frequently due in the month leading up to the big day. Don’t forget about gratuities and tips! Make sure all of your suggestions are collected and ready to go so that you, a family member, or your wedding planner can quickly distribute them at or before the ceremony.

Sort the Decor

Sort through any details, like guest books and wedding favors, for a few hours. If you won’t be there for the venue setup, properly organize and identify the materials, such as wedding signs, so that the individuals who will be putting your event space together know what they’re doing. If you’re working with an event planner, they’ll almost certainly have something ready to go when you arrive. Finally, inquire with your venue about the possibility of dropping off your décor a few days before the wedding. They may charge you for storage, but knowing that everything is already on-site might save a lot of time in the long run.


While it’s normal to feel anxious as the wedding approaches, don’t forget to relax and pamper yourself. You’ve been busy arranging your wedding for months and deserve a well-earned rest. Take a breather and remind yourself that everything will work out. You’ll look and feel your best when you’re well-rested, which is what you want on your wedding day. Relax, put your feet up, and prepare for the greatest day of your life!

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