Thing You’ll Need To Know About Sclera Contact Lenses

sclera contact lenses

Have you ever tried contact lenses and had a bad experience with wearing them in the past? Many people think that contact lenses are not made for them because they are scared of their past experiences with contact lenses or just being conscious with their eyes, whether it was discomfort or stability issues.

But now, contact lenses are not a thing to be scared of because contact lens technology has been developed significantly over many years. Now we have many specialty options for almost everyone. Today we have the best type of contact lens, that is, sclera contact lenses.

What are sclera contact lenses?

Sclera contact lenses are large diameter contact lenses made of a highly gas permeable material that lets the oxygen through. They don’t make contact with the cornea. Instead, these contact lenses vault over the cornea. The Outer edge of the lenses eases the white of the eye that is the sclera.¬†

The space between the lens back and the corneal surface is filled with a solution called sterile saline that greatly does these functions 

  • Hydrates your eye
  • It help serves any corneal peculiarity 
  • Provide the best vision in many cases

Sclera contact lenses are medical devices and can treat many eye conditions like keratoconus, ocular trauma, burn injuries, congenital eye irregularities, chronic dry eye, and post-surgical complications. 

Privileges of scleral lenses 

As compared to traditional contact lenses, scleral lenses are large, which makes them more stable without the risk of them falling off and accidentally moving. The advantage of being large is that they provide a high level of clarity and comfort compared to normal contact lenses.

Are there types of scleral lenses?

There are three types of sclera contact lenses include

  • Corneo scleral and semi scleral lenses:

           These lenses are larger than normal lenses and is gas permeated lenses that 

           rest between the cornea and sclera. These lenses are essential to correct 

            Irregular astigmatism after corneal refractive surgery or after LASIK.

  • Mini scleral lenses:

           These lenses rest on the anterior sclera and vault over the cornea.

  • Full scleral lenses:

           These lenses are the largest of all the scleral lenses. It provides the best

           coverage between the back of the lens and the cornea. These lenses are 

           Used in complex difficulties like advanced keratoconus, ocular conditions, and 

           Dry eye diseases 

It needs care!

As you take care of your eyes, it is important to take care of your contact lenses to avoid any kind of risk that transfers bacteria to your eyes that lead to infection. It needs care as you would care about normal lenses.

 Before touching contact lenses or your eyes, always wash your hands thoroughly. Take them out in the palm of your hand with the drops of the specific solution given. Rub both sides in your palm with a circular motion and rinse them with a solution. 

Don’t use any tap water! Put them back in the right case with fresh water and caped them tightly. Don’t forget to change your case every three months. Sclera lenses can be wearable for longer hours but not too long as your eyes need to rest. It’s risky to sleep with contact lenses.