Give Total Flexibility To Your Customers When Buying An Insurance Policy With Thimble Insurance Clone

thimble insurance clone app

Mobile apps run over lives. They are the best thing to happen to us – managing our day-to-day tasks, book tickets, do banking, does grocery shopping, and more. The list is exhaustive, today there is an app for everything and insurance is no surprise. Developing on-demand app like Thimble Insurance On-demand is in full swing and all for profitable reasons. Read on this blog to know in detail about the on-demand insurance app.

Reasons To Create Thimble Insurance Clone App

Mobile apps are mandatory for businesses today. With the majority of the browsing happening on smartphones, you are losing a huge customer base.  Still not convinced we give you significant pointers here:

  • The Thimble Insurance Clone App, connects your customers to insurance service providers acting as a bridge, thus getting the policy is much easier, quicker, and transparent.
  • Insurance is a must-buy thing today it is quite obvious that your customers are going to love your app using for knowing about different policies, comparison, insurance calculator, and so on.
  • The policy process is carried on in a hassle-free manner and accomplished meticulously
  • The app gets you real customer data that can be used for improved services
  • The in-app chat proves to be extremely helpful in reducing the queries and concerns thus less backlog

Why You Should Consider Investing In On-Demand Insurance App?

From the insurance company viewpoint, it benefits you with:

  • Increase leads and sales revenue
  • Paperless process
  • Better conversions on ROI
  • The on-demand insurance app reduces the need for hiring resources
  • Enhances your insurance business
  • Real-time analytics and reporting to reduce gaps and provide better insurance services
  • In-app chat act as dedicated customer care that resolves your customer queries instantly.
  • More business

Features To Include In Your On-demand Thimble Insurance Clone App

Profile setup

The feature allows the user to setup his/her profile along with their detailed information as well as info about their insurance if they have purchased one.

Scanning ID

This feature will scan the IDs and necessary documents to upload for the insurance policy formalities.

Categories of all policies

This feature categorizes entire insurance policies from the service providers’under respective categories thus making it easy for the users to figure out the best one for them.

Choosing insurance policy

The neatly stacked category makes it easy to compare and choose the insurance policy for the users.

Search for specific policies

This feature acts as an advanced search that helps users to narrow down their quest for specific insurance policies.
thesearch button will be best used when the insurance company offers a wide range of options.

Compare quotes

The feature option allows the user to compare the insurance policies, their benefits, monthly payments, and so on.

Payment Processing

By integrating the On-Demand Insurance App with multiple payment gatewaysnot only you are saving your customer’s time but reducing your resource’s workload as well.  Your customer can directly make the payment through the app.

QR Code Scanner

This feature is used for the authenticate insurance policy.

Filing a claim

The feature allows customers to file a claim through the app. They can enter the details as well as upload pictures, making the entire procedure easy and hassle-free.

Customer Support

The app supports in-app customer support offering 24/7 support is the best option to make your on-demand insurance app more useful. Clients will prefer such apps that have a live chat as they want the app to respond even at odd times.

Push Notification

Push notifications are the most efficient way to reach people today. Customers always want to know how the claim processing is going. Even the customer wants to know whether there are any offers that the insurance company provides to the customers. 

In-app Chat

The In-app chat is the best feature that should be integrated into every on-demand insurance app development which enables the users to have real-time communication with agents to get clarification of what type of insurance plan they should choose and also find solutions to other challenges they are facing.

Payment Reminders

The feature reminds about the monthly insurance payments as well as prompts when due.

Cost to develop a Thimble Insurance Clone App

The cost of developing a Thimble Insurance Clone App depends on various factors, the mobile app development company you choose and location. Primarily there are few things to consider:

  • The complexity in the UX/UI
  • App platforms
  • Technologies used to build insurance clone app
  • Customized features
  • Target location

The best way to know the exact cost breakdown is by approaching an app development company.

A professional app development company’s team will always recommend starting with a “minimum viable product – MVP” which will quickly launch the app and eventually adding features to scale up the insurance business.

If you have the wish to launch the new on-demand insurance app, collaborate with an app development company to avail yourself more benefits. Before you place the order to buy Thimble Insurance Clone, take a demo to know how the Insurance Clone App functions. This white-label app solution is built on scalable technology, thus can be customized as per your business requirements.

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