10 Top Ideas with Examples to Write A Best Thesis Acknowledgement

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If you are a student pursuing a Master’s or doctoral degree, you must be asked to submit a well-crafted dissertation written on a research topic as part of your studies. In a dissertation, you summarise and present all the findings of your research and hence, it plays a vital role in the ascertaining the final grades you will receive. You will also need to submit an acknowledgement along with the final version of your dissertation. Mostly, it is a one page long document and it should not exceed that.

This article will give you top ten best examples of a perfect thesis acknowledgement. Let’s dive right into the topic!

1.  The Importance of Thesis Acknowledgement

The basic objective of a thesis acknowledgement is to express your gratitude to the people who assisted you in the journey of academic research. Some common examples of people you would like to thank for helping you include the following:

  •  Your thesis advisors
  •  Your colleagues
  • Friends and family
  • Your fellow researchers or students
  • Any other person

You can include any person who you want to thank for his invaluable help during your academic journey.

2.  The Best Academic Acknowledgements

The truth is that no individual completes his doctoral degree alone. There will be many people who you would like to thank for this help. While writing the final thesis acknowledgement section, you should preferably add the names of following individuals in it:

  • The names of your dissertation supervisors
  • Your supportive research group
  • Any lab worker(s) who has helped you greatly during the research
  • The names of supportive colleagues

You should carefully include the correct names and titles of the individuals in thesis acknowledgement. It will be embarrassing to include false titles or incorrect names of individuals in your dissertation acknowledgement.

3. The Tone of Acknowledgement Section

The tone of writing that you use in this part should be more informal and personal. It will be better to write this in first-person. You can even express your gratitude to any organisation or the institution that has contributed to your success. In some sections, you just name the people and thank them while in other sections; you elaborate how they helped you.

4.  The Personal Acknowledgements

You can also dedicate the acknowledgements section to the people you are connected with in your personal lives. Some of the examples may include:

  •  Your spouse
  •  Helpful friends or the family members
  • Any person who guided you or gave you a direction of research

You can also choose to express your gratitude to God for all the help.

5.  Helpful Starting Phrases

Expressing the gratitude in words can prove difficult for a lot of individuals. To help you in writing a good thesis acknowledgement, we have compiled a few starting phrases. Those phrases are written below:

  • I would like to express my special gratitude to ABC for their insightful suggestions.
  • I am deeply grateful to ABC for their contribution in this project.
  •  I would like to extend my sincere thanks to XYZ for their unwavering support.

You can combine all these phrases to write more in this section. If feeling any issues using the phrases, hiring a thesis writing service can also help you craft an amazing thesis acknowledgement section for your dissertation.

6.  Thesis Acknowledgement Examples

You can use the following templates to write the thesis acknowledgement sections of your academic documents:

  •  First of all, I would like to thank my supervisor without whom I may not have completed my thesis on time.
  • I would like to express my sincere gratitude to ABC for providing enough financial support without which this project would not have been possible.
  •  I would like to acknowledge XYZ for their engagement and participation.

If you are good at writing, you can also express your thanks in your own words without depending on anyone else.

7.  Dos of Writing Thesis Acknowledgement

While writing thesis acknowledgement of your dissertation, you should keep the following points in mind:

  • You should check if the university has provided you with instructions to write the thesis acknowledgement.
  • Use the proper titles and full names of the individuals.
  • The acknowledgement section should not be too long.

8.  DON’Ts of Writing Thesis Acknowledgement

Remember to check your thesis acknowledgement for the following points:

  • You should not start thanking each and every person of your family unless they have really helped you in writing your thesis.
  • Do not intentionally overlook the contributions of anybody who helped you in the research and writing process.
  • You must revise your thesis acknowledgement and remove any potential errors from this section.

9. When to Write a Thesis Acknowledgement?

It will be better to write the thesis acknowledgement once you are done with the rest of your research and writing process. You can plan your this section when you start working on your thesis but it is advisable to actively work on this section once you are finished with the remaining research process.

10.  Difference between Preface and Thesis Acknowledgement

There are subtle differences between the preface and the thesis acknowledgement parts of your dissertation. If you want to give detailed information to your audience, you should write a prologue instead of writing thesis acknowledgement. The later must be shorter and concise.

  •  You must thank the staff, departments and funding organisations who help you during the dissertation acknowledgement part of your academic documents.
  • You should write a preface if you want to tell your reader more about the contributions of people or organisations in your research work.

The bottom line is that the thesis acknowledgement must be short, precise and that it should be written at the end of your thesis or dissertation.


There is no word count limit or any hard and fast rule for you to follow while writing on the thesis acknowledgement section of your academic documents. It will be best to take your time and think about the people who helped you during your academic journey and thank them in the acknowledgement section. Remember that it will be your chance to express gratefulness to the people who helped you, so you must utilise it properly.