Thermal insulation, an ideal way to counteract humidity

thermal insulation

Radiant barriers offer thermal insulation that stands out for providing endless advantages. It focuses on improving the quality of life of people. We find then that they are waterproof, fire retardant, have a long life, in addition to being insulators of moisture.

Currently in Bogota humidity is high and ranges between 60 and 80 percent. This is the reason why inhabitants wonder about effective solutions that they can apply in their homes to avoid being affected by the side effects of humidity. We know that one of the implicit benefits that our customers find in our thermal insulators is to improve their quality of life. So, here we will talk about the importance of ending the humidity that exists in our homes.

Respiratory problems: the main discomfort derived from the problem of humidity

The inconveniences of humidity that usually occur in a home can be due to a myriad of reasons, such as condensation, capillarity, leakage or rain filtration through walls and ceilings, rooms or rooms with very little ventilation, among other. Moisture problems can occur in various sectors of the house, such as ceilings, walls or floors, rooms, among others. Although they can also originate outside or inside it.

However, humidity affects all members of the enclosure, causing respiratory problems, and even lung diseases. Scientific studies have found sufficient evidence that relates to the continued exposure to molds in indoor environments with respiratory tract disorders, cough, and asthma in healthy people. Mold is also related to hypersensitivity pneumonitis in individuals susceptible to this immunological condition. Mites, fungi, and bacteria are a threat on the wet walls of any enclosure, as it becomes the perfect habitat for mites, fungi, and bacteria, which are triggers of diseases and allergies.

Specifying the type and origin of the dampness

It is important to correctly diagnose the type of humidity that we suffer in our enclosure, so we can define the best solution. The humidity can originate in condensation (environmental humidity), capillarity (rising humidity) or lateral infiltrations (cellars, cellars, semi-basement houses, garages), and these are classified as:

Moisture by condensation: The main cause of condensation moisture is poor ventilation of the house; daily activities such as cooking, showering, heating very high or drying clothes inside the house cause the air to retain the moisture released and when it comes in contact with a colder surface, it condenses in the form of water droplets.

Moisture by capillary action: Moisture rises through the foundations and walls as a result of the capillary action of porous materials such as joints and bricks; this humidity evaporates in the walls, appearing the saltpeter and making the coatings skip and even the anti-humidity paint.

Moisture through infiltration: At times the humidity does not come from human action, but comes from structural damage to the home. Humidity due to lateral infiltration poses a threat to the stability and safety of the construction.

Thermal insulation and adequate ventilation, in favor of a moisture-free residence

Common mistake that people usually make to hide moisture

A common mistake that people usually make to hide moisture is to paint directly on the walls of those places damaged by water, however, ideally, first eliminating the source that causes moisture.

When the walls of a bathroom, kitchen or rooms get always wet, the main thing to maintain is sufficient ventilation; an adequate treatment to eradicate humidity indoors is the installation of thermal insulation products. This insulator offers an optimal performance against the specific humidity problems that occur in hot areas. Some such areas like Bogota, Medellin, and Antioquia.

The installation of this insulation material is viable under any type of surface, as well as for any structure. It provides a solution to temperature and humidity problems, thanks to its technology based on radiant barriers. The installation of our radiant barriers provides a reduction of up to 20 degrees Celsius compared to the outside temperature. Something that will be immediately by the inhabitants of these enclosures, especially when the outdoor temperatures turns 30 °C.

Radiant barrier

The radiant barrier has been known as an important development from space technology that has adapted to use on Earth. Its way of working is simple. Placing a radiant barrier between the roof material to isolate, the heat radiated by the roof reflects in the ceiling. Because of the low emission of the lower-part of the radiant barrier, a small percentage of the heat releases. In this way, the upper part of the insulating material will be at a lower temperature. It is awesome if a good thermal insulator is not set. Therefore, we will obtain an enclosure that will be characterized by an optimum temperature and humidity. It will definitely improve the quality of the life of those who inhabit them.

Our customers are our priority, their problems of heat energy exchange between the indoor and outdoor environment, are also ours. It is good to listen to them, solve their doubts and contribute to the solution of the thermal insulation. We know that the thermal insulation of a material is expressed in terms of its thermal resistance. It is also known as the R-value. This value indicates the resistance that the material opposes to the passage of heat.

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