The Role of an ENT Surgeon in Treating Vertigo: A Detailed Analysis

“This article talks about what vertigo is and gives measures to treat it. The primary focus is on understanding the role of ENT in vertigo treatment”.

Vertigo is a very complex disease, and it gives a spinning feeling. The situation is so severe that it hinders the everyday performance of routine acts by the person and creates a sense of instability or disorientation in one’s lifestyle. In this regard, the contribution of a particular specialist is crucial, namely, an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) surgeon. In Kolkata, the treatment of Vertigo is very advanced; therefore, you can consider being treated by the best ENT surgeon in South Kolkata.

Understanding Vertigo

However, Vertigo is a particular form of imbalance that stems mainly from problems with the inner ear or brain. This includes conditions like Meniere’s disease, vestibular neuritis, and benign paroxysmal positional Vertigo (BPPV). Such abnormality may interfere with the transmission of the signals from the ears to the eyes as well as other senses, hence causing perceptual dizziness.

Since most forms of Vertigo arise from the inner part, ENT surgeons are best positioned to assess and treat it. The specialty goes beyond everyday clinical practice, including the anatomy and physiology of the ear, nose, and throat. This is a part of head and neck surgery, and a good ENT surgeon can only offer the best ENT head & neck surgery in Kolkata.

Diagnostic tests such as hearing tests, balance tests, or even imagistic studies are employed by most ENT surgeons to determine the exact source of the Vertigo. They can provide a suitable recommendation after diagnosis, depending on the illness type. If you are a Behala resident, go for the best ENT surgeon in Behala.

Treatment Modalities

In some cases of Vertigo, treatment might be prescribed by an ear-nose-and-throat (ENT) surgeon through medication to ease the symptoms, physical therapy to enhance balancing, or surgical remedies for the worst-case scenario. However, it must be mentioned that surgery comes as a final option for people whose previous treatment did not bring the desired relief. So, if surgery is the ultimate option, opt for the best ENT Surgeon in Kolkata.

ENT surgeons may carry out different types of operations for Vertigo, such as canal plugging that blocks a portion of the inner ear to stop vertigo attacks or labyrinthectomy where the balance center of the inner ear is. These steps are meant to ease Vertigo and enhance the patients’ lives. So, make sure you choose the best ENT surgeon, as the ENT treatment in Kolkata is highly advanced


Therefore, ENT surgeons are crucial in diagnosing and treating Vertigo. Specialists are trained to operate on problems related to the ear, nose, and throat. Consequently, they can handle this complex condition well. Therefore, patients with Vertigo are advised to visit the best ENT specialist in Kolkata for assistance in recovering better lives.

Author Bio: Aishi Chakraborty is a medical content writer with an experience of 5+ years in the field. Her primary interests revolves around understand the pattern how the best ENT surgeon in south Kolkata works.