The rising trend: Back packingas a new favorite

back packingas

If you are looking for real adventure and want to get to know the world, then go backpacking. Backpacking means traveling with rucksack, cheap accommodation, and using local transport. Thus, backpacking is also understood as a simple form of traveling. Luxury is far away and the focus is rather on experiencing the countries with their unique cultures and traditions up close. More and more travelers pack their belongings in a backpack and start their adventure. And with good reason, because backpacking is considered a form of life. Or better said, as the chance to make the most of life. 

How does one become a backpacker? 

In the end, it doesn’t take much to join the group of backpackers. But most of all it depends on the courage and the decision to start the journey and to embark on the adventure. Besides a little spontaneity and flexibility, backpacking requires independence and openness. 

Many of these qualities can be developed during the journey and therefore do not have to be prerequisites. For many travelers the journey itself is the best teacher. Here you learn the qualities and what really matters. 

In addition to the personal qualities, as a backpacker, you naturally need a backpack. This is probably the most faithful companion and at the same time the trademark. Wrapped up with clothes, accessories, and co. you are ready to go. 

Backpackingas a learning process – lessons on the other side of the world

Travel is the best teacher. Here you learn the things you really need in life and many of them can even be applied in your later professional life. So you can really see backpacking as a learning process. Not teaching, but rather daily learning by experience, by failure or by trial and error. Especially the contact with different cultures and the close exchange with other travelers or locals not only expands the general knowledge of the backpacker but also gives some added value. 

Especially qualities such as communication skills, negotiation skills, or empathy can be optimized by the everyday life of a backpacker. Also, the openness for new things or the organization will play an important role when traveling. Due to daily new situations, as a backpacker, you are in a constant process of development, which is not only helpful on the trips themselves, but also in life. 

Travel cheaply – around the world with a small wallet 

An important feature of backpackers is that they travel on a budget. Usually, a daily budget is set or a certain amount is saved for the whole trip. With little money, backpackers are now concerned with getting the most out of the trip and experiencing the country to the fullest. 

Especially with package tours, the thought is often conveyed that traveling is only possible with a lot of money. The principle of backpacking sets a clear antipole here and proves that even the small purse can open the doors of the world. By staying overnight in hostels, eating at local street stalls and transport by night bus or train, it is possible to save as much money as possible. 

Even small saving tips, such as cheap tours or a flexible flight date help every backpacker to use his budget wisely. 

For an unforgettable trip, you don’t need a lot of money. Rather, it takes the necessary knowledge to get the most out of it, and so it quickly becomes clear that precisely this type of travel is the most effective. 

Planning a backpackingtrip – theguide

Even a trip with the backpack needs a little bit of planning even before you get on the plane. Of course, the choice of destination is first of all the focus. This is followed by planning the route, which can be created based on the highlights in the country. 

“What do I really want to see?” “What experiences have I always wanted to see?” With the answers to this question, a list of must-dos in a country can be created, from which a route is then created. Accommodation in the towns and the planning of transport routes are also already important parts of the planning. Whether a night bus or a train ticket, there are usually several options. As a backpacker, you then analyze the cheapest option and make your way through the country. 

A backpacker trip is also done step by step. Flight booking, accommodation, and organization of the tours and attractions – step by step the trip is created and together with the packing list, you have the basis for the next adventure. 

Planning with the professionals – Backpacker Trail 

If you need help with planning and general travel, Backpackertrail is the right address. The travelcompanyspecializes in planning and organizing individual backpackingtripsaroundtheworld. Every destination and everywish will beconsidered. Everythingisincluded, fromflights and accommodation top lanning the activities. The focusis on thecustomer’s individual trip and theunforgettableexperience. Backpackertrailis, therefore, theplacetogoforeveryone who wants to experience the world with a backpack.

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