The rise and shine of Virtual Private Server Hosting

Virtual Private Server Hosting

When we hear the word web hosting, what feature comes on your mind at the first instance? Keeping your website online, files uploaded at the right time and other related services to be on point is definitely the set of expectations. 

A time comes when the requirements of a website cannot be fulfilled by a shared hosting service. There is no guarantee of resources when a website is hosted over a shared hosting server. In shared hosting, hard drive space, memory and processing power are shared among so many users. This is not the case with VPS hosting. Although on a VPS server there are multiple users but each of them enjoys the service of a dedicated server.

VPS the short for Virtual Private Server is a hosting technique and is gaining a lot of popularity lately. Virtualization technology is on the rise and using it on the hosting servers has improved the hosting efficiency to another level. VPS hosting services are said to be ranging between shared and dedicated hosting services. It is preferred over shared hosting in terms of security and over dedicated hosting in terms of costing. Thus it can be said to be “best of both the worlds”. It is mostly adopted by those site owners who want to come out of the shared server domain but do not require a whole dedicated server for their site. VPS hosting service providers understands the different business needs and thus gives your website the right set of scalability.

Not only this, the market of a virtual private server is expected to grow from $2.4 billion in 2018 to $5.0 billion by 2023. This significant growth in the market of VPS hosting has never been encountered in any other kind of hosting service. The major contribution of the drift in the market scenario goes to the advantages of VPS hosting. Let’s get to know more about such amazing hosting service which transformed the needs and expectations of the businesses from the hosting services.

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To get a better idea about how VPS hosting is different from the other two major hosting services i.e. shared hosting and dedicated hosting refer to this table.

Shared HostingVPS HostingDedicated Hosting
SecurityLow Very-HighBest
ConfigurabilityHighly RestrictedMostly RestrictedUnrestricted 

This table of difference might give you a good idea about the major differences between virtualization and other cloud hosting services and remove the confusion that most of the people carry related to the same. Security of dedicated and usefulness of shared hosting, when consolidated can scale up your business by orchestrating and pooling virtual resources together. If a company is released from the barriers of the vendor enterprise license agreements that limit the abilities to explore modern technologies then any enterprise gets to experience the real power of hosting. Companies will get so benefitted through this by utilizing the features and advantages of clouds, container and automated systems at its optimum level. Thus, its important in the current era to have a crystal clear idea about the differentiation in the technologies so that they can be put to use for the right set of applications. 

Also when it comes to the economy factor, it is slightly costlier than shared hosting service but is definitely very less costly than dedicated hosting. Enjoying dedicated level service at such lower cost is definitely the best deal for so many companies. Giving leverage to install any OS their software might require to efficiently running. And on a virtual server as the software is installed separately with independent functionality. Now you can think the best for your mobile application under the budget.

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