The Most Important Financial Reports Forex Traders Watch

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Currency trading involves fundamental analysis to determine how economic performance can lead to the measurement of currency prices. The level of growth in an economy can help determine the value of money, as it determines whether supply or demand will increase. Therefore, Forex traders are watching financial problems closely to gauge the potential strength of the currency.

In short, a strong or better than expected economic report generally increases the value of a currency because it indicates that the country is doing well and that the demand for its assets is high. It can also be an indicator of higher interest rates or higher yields for the country’s securities later. Conversely, a weak or worse than expected economic report generally dampens the value of a currency because it reflects the country’s poor performance and weak demand for its assets. It may also be an indication of future interest rate cuts or lower yields for the country’s securities in the future look at this web-site

The most widely observed economic publication is the GDP report. This figure, which is the sum of all products and services in the local economy, is considered the shortest indicator of economic development. GDP is generally reported as a percentage of the development of the economy in the previous period, reflecting the growth or contraction of the economy. In addition, the GDP being published quarterly, it has a major impact on the currency concerned.

Next, consumer or retail spending is another important economic indicator for currency traders. In addition to showing the extent to which consumer spending will contribute to overall economic growth, stronger retail sales mean that manufacturers and manufacturers have to expand and contract to meet growing demand. On the other hand, weaker than expected retail data means that the manufacturing and manufacturing industries will have to reduce their activity and contract as demand decreases.

Last but not least, inflation or the CPI report is also a financial report with great impact. This is generally treated as an indicator of the capacity of the country’s central bank to relax or not. Low inflation rates mean that the central bank will be able to ease monetary policy or lower interest rates without harming the economy, which means the currency, could be weaker in return. This will reduce the value of the coin. On the contrary, high inflation rates mean that the central bank has the possibility of tightening monetary policy or raising interest rates, which means higher returns on the country’s currency, which increases its value.

Most Forex Traders Go Bankrupt

It is estimated that 95% of Forex retailers go bankrupt within 6 months. 98% of market information was about profitability in the financial world at $ 2 trillion. Today it makes no sense. There are countless books on forex or stock trading available online or in bookstores. Forex robots are marketed as the holy grail of trading success, just go online and let the money come in.

From personal experience, I have been a victim of the scenarios mentioned. I have already spent over $ 1,200 on a currency trading course here in Vancouver, British Columbia, but to no avail. I certainly have sympathy for hordes of people who have been lost by misinformation in the general market. The information I paid for could have been purchased at any bookstore for less than $ 100. The price I paid was not focused on real strategies for making constant profits in the currency market, it is usually the most inaccurate information. . On the market. Commercial prices sold to the public are not concentrated on price measures, the only real barometer of constant profit on the market. I have read dozens of trade related books and online courses and 98% are completely false information. The reason I say 98% of the information is completely false is that the authors of these articles did not make millions of dollars using their own methods. Most authors’ information has never been tested on a live business account.

Beginning dealers often rely on CNN or Fox TV commentators to decide when to enter the market or not. The financial analysts interviewed on the main television networks are often attractive people who are paid to give their opinion based on pure theory and not on price measures. The information provided to the public is all information about speculation or delays. There is never a financial analyst who trades with a real-time brokerage account to indicate whether his advice is making a profit, but millions of senior traders log in every day to hear your comments.

After several failures in the foreign exchange market, I came to the conclusion that technical analysis was the method that worked for me. Unlike the basic analysis based on the delay indicators, the technical analysis focuses on the current indicators. The price target is a technical analysis based on specific graphic models.

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