6 new features of Tesla’s update: autopilot, Stardew Valley, voice keyboard, etc

Tesla's update

Tesla has just rolled out its update with many new features. Some are useful, and others are fun.

Tesla has just deployed the 2019.40.50.1 update of its OS which equips its cars. This is the last software update of 2019, and it holds many surprises for the holiday season. Among the big list of novelties, we have retained 6.


The first innovation concerns the intelligent auto output function. Always available in beta test, it allows your car to move to you (or to a location of your choice) in a parking lot.

In France, the car must be less than 6 meters from your location and the vehicle can only travel 20 meters maximum; it is a limitation imposed by local laws. In the United States, this function (available in beta test) has been abused and has already caused incidents.


The autopilot improves in passing, especially when driving in heavy traffic: your Tesla will move slower if the traffic in vehicles in the nearby lanes is significantly slower. This is to facilitate insertions and exits.


Voice commands have been redesigned to understand more natural language. So you can talk to your car: “Set the temperature to 22 degrees” “Open the glove box” “Send a text to …” “See the rear camera”.

The system can now read your text messages, and you can respond by voice, Tesla has integrated TTS (text to speech) and ASR (automatic speech recognition) technologies. You now have access to a voice keyboard to dictate your messages, very practical!


Twitch has been integrated into the Tesla Theater, all of this is available in the Entertainment menu only accessible when your car is in parking mode. This requires premium connectivity, but this mode is currently available on all models in Europe without exception. There is also a new camp mode, which allows certain parameters to be maintained (airflow, temperature, interior lighting, music, etc.) when the car is stationary.


New games have appeared, including the title Stardew Valley, a classic already available on Android and iPhone.

Stardew Valley

You can also play Backgammon for two. Convenient to keep busy while charging your car. Finally, the TRAX mobile application allows you to create audio masterpieces with several available instruments.


Finally, the last function is dedicated to the on-board camera: this camera can now record video sequences when you honk your horn and that automatically. To activate it, go to Controls> Security> Save the sequences on the horn.

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