Sports betting is already a popular phenomenon among punters, and Tennis Betting one of its most popular forms. Tennis Betting is not as popular among the masses as Cricket Betting and Football Betting. However, it gradually has been gaining a following. There are several features like live in-play tennis and tennis streaming associated with it. Not many individuals know about it, especially if they are beginners. Here we are going to talk about the four most important tips every beginner needs to keep in mind while trying his hands on tennis betting. 

Tip 1: Check the head-to-head records

When analysing a bet on a particular tennis match, you need to go through every detail you have about both players. Start with the head-to-head records of both players against each other. If your player has been successful in the last 3 outings, the chances are he would succeed once again. While there are many other factors are involved as well, but it is a good indicator. You simply must check the players’ history against each other, recent performances, and performance breakdown on the different surfaces. You would have a clear idea to make the right call.

Tip 2: Focus on the surface

The surface plays a significant role in the game of Tennis, and it is vital in Tennis Betting as well. Every player has a personal preference in terms of the surfaces in Tennis. Players with big serve like to play on the hardcourt. Similarly, players who like to play at serve and volley prefer the grass court, and the players with power-game prefer the clay-court.

For example – Rafael Nadal is famous as the King of the Clay as he is nearly impossible to beat on the clay court. Hence considering the surface is an important factor in tennis betting while you are making a decision.

Tip 3: Check the players’ form

In every sport, the form of a player is an important factor in any equation for betting. Tennis is no different to it. In fact, here, the importance rises significantly as it is an individual game. Before betting on any player, you should check his recent run of form. You would know about the winning or losing streak of the player. If your player is on the winning streak and the other player is on the losing streak, you might score a sure-shot win.

Tip 4: Find the best betting odds 

You must know everything about the betting odds and how they work before getting into any sports betting. When diving into the sea of tennis betting, understand the tennis odds and find the best odds for yourself. Different betting platforms offer different betting odds, so joining the betting platform with the best betting odds is recommended.

Tips 5: Investing wisely

After choosing your squads, you should not move on to spend all your money in a single tournament as you may end up wasting all your money at once. Instead, you can invest in different game. Say, if you are going to invest Rs 1000, instead of investing them in a single game, you can invest in two different game that have Rs 500 as an entry fee.

6-Risk Factor:

While selecting the players, you can see the selection percentage of players. This is where you must do your own research will come in handy. You can process with 1 or 2 lesser selected players depend on their performance at a specific venue or against the teams.

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