Ten Oldest Ways for Transportation Purpose in India

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Since humans originated the wheel, people have been trying to reach every corner of the world. The urge to find, travel and connect with citizens from different nations worldwide has led to a transportation process. People use other modes of transport to travel, transport and trade. Nowadays, we are using modern and advanced vehicles for transportation like the TVS Auto and others.

Logistics firms in Pune Transport use other forms of transportation such as road, rail and air to cheer consignments counting on the type and nature of the interests. Therefore, businesses offering logistics benefits tend to upgrade their methods of transport to decrease travel time.

Technology advancement has made it attainable for people to fly worldwide in just a few clicks on their smartphones or laptops, but some ancient transportation methods are still used. 

1. Animal Powered Transport

Animal-powered carrier means bullock carts, horse carts, donkeys, elephants, yaks, etc., which were used to move items from one location to another. Numerous of these are still in service around the country, either due to existing low-cost or unique in the developed cities.


This mode of transport can be seen in coastal areas and around the rivers of India. Ferries are minor than ships but more significant than boats. This is a cost-effective means of transportation and can even move your vehicle. One of the key benefits of this model is that one can avoid travelling through long-distance roads. These days, Movers and Packers in Mumbai use advanced modes of transportation, but they always use old transport methods such as the ferry.


This fantastic model of carrier is still in use across small rivers. It looks like a barely deep saucer made of reeds, woven hays, and bamboo. The inner side of the coracle is covered with tar or resin and coated with a plastic sheet. This transportation mode is appropriate to ferry 8-10 persons.


People seeking the most adventurous mode of transport, no other form of transport can beat a motorbike. Risky and brave people choose this method of transportation. The motorbike can travel long distances or have a short, exciting ride for fun. Pune Transport companies operated to have motorbikes to carry goods.

Auto Riksha

The auto-rickshaw is the most common mode of transport used in almost every part of India. Rickshaws are the ideal way as they’re fast, cheap and compact. The firms that offer truck rental services also provide Auto Rickshaw rental services. It is also understood as a three-wheeled taxi cab with open sides. Auto Rickshaws, powered by a small motor, is more powerful than a bicycle. This is an excellent model for local transport. 


Boats are the most famous transportation model across the rivers and lakes of the world. For private vehicles, trading and fishing, boats are thought the best method. Businesses offering transport benefits in Vadodara still use boats in many port cities around the country.

Cycle Riksha

The cycle rickshaw is just like a typical rickshaw but without the motor. They are not powered by the machine but by the driver. Thus the speed of your ride finally depends on the strengths of the driver’s legs. So they are not fast, but they are great for sightseeing and claim if you want to move locally. Cycle Riksha was the preferred mode of transportation used by logistics assistance providers in big cities like Chandigarh, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, etc. 


One can only notice a tram in Kolkata city. So if you want to discover the last operating tram network in India, you should go to Kolkata. However, if you are in a nearby area or this city, don’t miss out on the chance to ride. You will undoubtedly have a unique and fun adventure. The Kolkata tram system wraps 25 routes within the city. However, it is not one of the fastest ways to get around, but the most helpful way to want a part of Indian history.

Hand-Pulled Riksha

Hand-Pulled Riksha is one of India’s most reasonable and famous vehicles. This is a case of butter and bread for people who pull the rickshaws. Many Hyderabad Transport businesses still use Hand-Pulled Rikshas for local transportation.


It is a kind of rigid boat and a great way of transport. So you have to be in Kashmir to enjoy the experience. Locals in Kashmir use Shikara to get near the waterways, but tourists see them majorly as an adventure.


In the big metropolia in India, a taxi (Old Amby) is extremely easy to catch. Many visitors see a cab from the railroad station or airport to their hotel because it’s the most convenient option after a long journey. However, fairness will also be excessive, especially since the administration introduced strict rules. Businesses delivering transport services in Vadodara have taxies and serve passengers with particular taxi hiring services. It is a standard mode of transportation for people driving, decreasing the price for each passenger.

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